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abc cannabis seeds

The flowers of ABC plants stay small and aren’t particularly potent, but the breeding possibilities for stealth strains are intriguing. Auto-flowering strains originated from the wild hemp Ruderalis plants that naturally grow around Siberia, yet now offer a huge range of high-THC versions after extensive breeding. There’s no reason ABC plants couldn’t also be hybridized to grow big high-THC buds.

Note for breeders: The ABC leaf trait is recessive. That means a plant must receive the ABC trait from both parents for the trait to appear in the offspring. If you cross a pure ABC plant with a standard high-THC cannabis strain, chances are that every single plant of the first generation (F1) hybrids will have “regular” cannabis leaves (because the ABC trait is recessive). However, each of the F1 plants has one copy of the ABC genetic trait from their ABC parent, which means if you breed the F1 plants together, a percentage of the F2 hybrids will show the ABC characteristic. These can continue to be crossed and backcrossed with high-THC plants to retain the ABC leaf trait while improving the resulting flowers and yields over time. I made a quick explanation of recessive vs dominant traits as it relates to cannabis breeding if you’re interested in learning more.

The unique leaf structure of ABC plants means they don’t really look like cannabis.

This wild hemp strain is originally from Australia and is sometimes called the ABC strain or Australian Bastard Cannabis. These plants naturally grow all over Australia.

Talk about an interesting mutation! The folks at Painted Forest Farms have been breeding cannabis strains with unique characteristics that almost look like a clover. They generously allowed us to repost their pictures with credit.

It's a low THC mutant strain with high stealth potential but the only way to get seeds is for $200USD and you can only order them buy sending cash via mail to Humbolt CSI located in USA and all other options are USA shipping only. If anyone has some info it would be greatly appreciated.

Hybritech, subterfuge#1 selective bred ABC (High THC).

I've been searching for a long time to get seeds for the mutant strain, ABC.

I got 20 of the subterfuge#1 seeds and they were a complete failure. Of the 20, only 4 sprouted. They have really hard shells and need to be soaked for a long time. I told the seller and he said someone else had the same feedback so he contacted the breeder. They said they take a lot longer to sprout. I found that to be code for, "Not many of them sprout". Of the 4 that sprouted, 2 died trying to get semi closed seed shell off them. 1 of them got it's first leaves then died. I have 1 last one that has taken root but not popped out the the soil jiffy pot yet. Total waste of money, but I really want at least one to live (and hope it is not male). For reference I was sprouting other seeds at the same time with a near 100% success rate.

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