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agent orange cannabis seeds

What makes cultivating these orange seeds a bit more complicated is the fact that you need to trim the bush once in a while. Otherwise, you risk having a chaotically growing tree instead of a nice and neat plant.

Even though Agent Orange seeds have a medium growth difficulty, they are still quite manageable, and there is nothing extremely complicated about the process. The flowering time is just like ordinary marijuana seeds: it is between 7 and 9 weeks. Nevertheless, the result will absolutely please you as these Sativa dominant feminized seeds will reward you with great dense buds covered in large leaves.

As Agent Orange has a very strong relaxation effect, this makes it useful for fighting anxiety and pain or fatigue. Your body and mind can just finally relax without having to struggle with any issues.

Character & Flavor

Agent Orange cannabis is a classic Sativa – it gives you a strong body and mind relaxation fast! However, the effect is like a roller-coaster: as now you will be glued to the couch, and an hour later, you’ll experience a very uplifting and motivating effect.

Talking about flavor, well, the name speaks for itself. It has a strong citrus presence with hints of herbs and pine. And the smell of oranges will definitely blow your mind.

The Agent Orange strain loves a warm Mediterranean climate. One can cultivate it both outdoors and indoors. This cannabis will reward you with a pretty high yield: it is about 1.3-1.6 oz/ft² indoor. The outdoor harvesting time is somewhere around October.

Agent Orange strain is widely used for medicinal purposes. Its cheerful and uplifting effect helps with stress-related issues a lot. This marijuana can also come in handy when suffering from depression.

Michele Stevens – February 24, 2020

Agent orange feminized is absolutely amazing strain! Nothing compares the medicinal effects can offer you just like pain and nausea. It can make you smile all day, it can boost your energy. Thanks SWG!

What are the Flavor and Effects of Agent Orange Feminized?

The recommended methods in growing the female Agent Orange cannabis strain to maximize her yields, about 16 to 19 ounces, are the following: super cropping, toppings, and Screen of Green (SCROG).

Agent Orange Feminized is known for her pleasant fragrant of oranges with hints of lemon and other citrus fruits that fill the whole room. Her growing buds emanate a sweet flavor of citrus while leaving a herbal aftertaste in your mouth that lingers for a long time.

Agent Orange keeps on giving if you keep on taking care of it. Needs a bit of attention than those which are so easy to grow, but once you provide all the conditions that would support its unhampered growth, harvest time will always feel like Christmas! A perfect choice for your cannabis sessions, this will bring you a potent cerebral high due to its high THC and being sativa dominant. You will never get enough of this!

Don’t let the name scare you. Agent Orange is one of the tastiest and most enjoyable sativa dominant strains around. This hybrid is a balance of 75% Sativa to 25% Indica. Agent Orange is a popular strain across the United States and can even be found in top-shelf dispensaries and coffee shops around Europe and Canada. The Agent Orange strain is the result of crossing a female Orange Velvet with a Jack the Riper male from respected breeder Subcool of TGA Genetics. Agent Orange flowers are light green with an abundance of bright orange hairs and covered in small crystal trichomes. The strong citrus aroma along with subtle floral, diesel and spice notes are part of what makes this strain exceptional. Some phenotypes have a slightly more sweet orange aroma, while others produce a sharper lemon peel smell with hints of funky cheese.

Agent Orange is one of the tastiest and most enjoyable sativa dominant strains around. Agent Orange is a real daytime treat. Perfectly suited for those who enjoy an uplifting and productive buzz that produces a warm euphoric glow.

Agent Orange seeds will grow quickly and do well in all mediums. This strain thrives in California or warmer climates with drier air and warm nights. It’s recommended for moderately experienced cultivators who have adequate space and ventilation. Growers should be attentive when caring for Agent Orange cannabis, we recommend active training and pruning to allow light penetration into the canopy and to reach its many budding sites. An Agent Orange plant will grow to medium height, very bushy and finishes in 8-9 weeks indoors or towards late October if outdoors. The average yield is expected to be 16oz/m2 inside and 19oz per plant outside. THC content ranges from 16%-19% and has a low CBD content of around .1%

Agent Orange is a real daytime treat. Perfectly suited for those who enjoy an uplifting and productive buzz that produces a warm euphoric glow. Higher doses or all day usage can deliver a very psychoactive and time warping effect as well. Agent Orange is not recommended for those prone to high anxiety or panic attacks. Many medical patients report great success with Agent Orange for alleviating neuropathic pain, reducing inflammation and treating depression. This strain can also be used to make some of the most exquisite concentrates and extract you’ll find anywhere. The limonene diesel like flavor is very pronounced and will leave you salivating for morew well after you partake.