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are cannabis seeds illegal in canada

Only one province or territory has offered clones for sale to their residents thus far. Newfoundland started listing a handful of varieties of clones from Ontario-based cultivator Eve & Co in December 2018, allowing consumers to purchase the plants online through the provincial retailer and having them shipped directly to the consumer from the cultivator.

Ontario and New Brunswick come in third, both currently listing four varieties of seed. Ontario has three varieties from 34 Street for $49.95 for four and one from Tweed at $60.00 for four. New Brunswick lists three varieties from Jax at $74.99 for four and one from Tweed at $59.99 for four.


Pink Lemondade by 34 STREET $49.99

Bakerstreet by Tweed $61.95

While the federal Cannabis Act allows for Canadians to grow up to four cannabis plants at home (with the potential for other provincial restrictions), this limited number of legal options – not only in brand but in variety – has meant many are forced to continue to access seeds through other channels.

Their views are not shared by all of Canada’s political parties. The Conservative Party are against legalisation and believe that penalties for non-violent offenders should be increased. Christian Heritage also stand in opposition to its legal status.

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The law recognises that there are other forms of cannabis; not just dried. As such, equivalent amounts have been established, to ensure users clearly understand how much they’re legally allowed to possess.

Medicinal cannabis in Canada

i can not find anywhere that 21 years old is a legal drinking age in any canadian province or territory ! Just thought if one is going to give information it should be correct . thank you

If a retailer wishes to sell CBD products, they require the same licence as those who sell dried or fresh cannabis, for example. This may deter some retailers, and is unexpected for such a progressive country. By contrast, the US federal government regulates hemp-derived CBD differently to cannabis-based products.

The Cannabis Law also introduced some improvements, such as:

If you are travelling to Canada (or currently live there), you may be interested to know the following:

Protecting the health and safety of youth is a top priority. The Cannabis Act establishes serious criminal penalties for those who:

The purpose of the Cannabis Act is to:

The legalization and regulation of cannabis

Cannabis for medical purposes will continue to be legal if you are:

Each province and territory also has its own rules for cannabis, including:

On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act came into force.