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are cannabis seeds illegal in ireland

Anyone can buy 500 tobacco seeds for £4.99 with no VAT and plant all 500 without restriction except that the dried and cured product must not be sold and a duty paid based on the final dried weight.

It’s legal to purchase and sell cannabis seeds in Ireland. You can also legally receive them in the post from other countries. However, using them to grow cannabis plants is illegal.

This is exactly what they are proposing to do though.

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Although there is still some hostility towards cannabis use in Ireland, it seems that attitudes are changing rapidly. Medical cannabis is regarded by several as beneficial, with few speaking out against it.

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What happens if a person consumes more than 15 grams in one week?

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More information | Blue Cheese auto seeds

Are you curious about what you should pay attention to and which cannabis seeds you can choose best for growing outdoors? Then read this blog about cannabis seeds Ireland.

Although this species has a slightly longer flowering time than an average autoflower, the Blue Cheese is very suitable for the climate of Ireland. Moreover, the plant doesn’t grow that tall so you can grow unnoticed. Blue Cheese is known for its fairly calming effect and is a wonderful weed for daily use. In addition, easy to grow and a nice outdoor harvest that can reach up to 400 grams per m2.

1. Blue Cheese auto

Different points of interest apply for breeding in Ireland. Do you want to prevent problems? Then check the most important points of attention below.

Although the terpene compounds of the cannabis plant work as an antifungal, this is not indefinite. The climate of Ireland must be taken seriously in order to reduce the risk of mold and top rot. We therefore advise you to grow your plants in pots with holes at the bottom. In this way the excess water can easily drain away. In addition, you can easily move the plant indoors when the weather gets really bad. Finally, you will have to check your plants regularly for signs of water stress and top rot. You can also reduce the chance of mold by growing in a greenhouse.

As mentioned earlier in this article, a short cycle is very important for a successful outdoor breeding in Ireland. Autoflowers are therefore a good choice anyway. The AK 47 autoflower has a high mold resistance, will develop a strong trunk and is ready for harvest within 3 months. If you plant the seeds at the beginning of May, you can already harvest at the end of July or the beginning of August.

Due to the limited sunlight, you need a variety without too much shadowing so an indica species is an obvious choice. This species originated in cold and mountainous climates and is therefore also suitable for the climate of Ireland. The broad leaves ensure that the light is well captured and the layer formation acts as insulation.

According to the press office of An Garda Síochána, meanwhile, gardaí “implement the law as provided and are not involved in the proposal of new legislation”.

According to a Garda source, the level of discretion used when dealing with recreational smokers is subjective, depending on the eagerness of the gardaí in question to pursue a conviction. Any cannabis seized has to be sent for analysis, and this factor, coupled with the time needed to process the arrest, means that gardaí will often decide not to arrest. There are those, though, who will go the distance even on minor offences, even if they suspect that perpetrators are not involved in any other illegal activities.

CIA has so far got little change out of politicians, who see nothing much to gain from the issue.

“Even if we were to eventually allow cannabis to be used for medical purposes, that is a million miles away from legalising it for recreational use,” says Noel Ahern. “It is harmful to health too; there is no doubt about that. If tobacco were illegal today, no country would legalise it purely from a health point of view. That health issue is overriding.”

The Irish courts are quite lenient on recreational drugs, with the district courts giving prison sentences in only 22 out of 363 cases relating to minor summary drugs offences in 2002. Yet cannabis is the target of approximately 75 per cent of all drugs seizures here, tying up an enormous amount of Garda hours in the process.