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attitude seed bank busted

Payments over the internet are very common these days. People pay almost everything through online payment systems. Hence, marijuana seeds are no exception.

Interpretations of legal guidelines have also changed over the years. Interpret legal guidelines to indicate that cannabis seeds are legal, provided they are not sprouted. This lack of germination is key.

They are strain experts and only bring hand-selected strains. They only promote the best strains, resulting in a handful of strains available on their website. AMS sells around 135+ strains specific to cannabis. Although they have a smaller quantity of strains, the available strains are the best of the best.


Herbies Seeds offer international shipping services from across the world. Shipping to the USA will take about 5-8 days. All orders come with free cannabis seeds. The seeds are hidden in the product. Choose the stealth shipping option for maximum security. In stealth bags, seeds are removed from their original packaging and placed in nothing special Ziplock bags, disguised as a regular buy that will help you avoid undesirable attention.

They have free shipping worldwide which is stealthy and discreet. Plus, they’ll always provide you with free seeds in case you buy more than 10 seeds from them, and they also have a detailed grow guide available for anyone new to growing marijuana on their own and with a guarantee. 21-day shipping or they will resend the seeds for free.

Ordering in the USA will take approximately one to three weeks and they allow you to select individual seeds of different types and order them that way. In one order, you can have as many individual seeds of different brands and types as you want.

If you want cannabis seeds ship to the USA, this company is the way to go, which offers tons of marijuana seeds and offers advertisements to find what you like. If you’re not sure what to try, the breeder has a variety of professional and amateur starter and value packs. That way you can try them out by size to see what you like.

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Seedsman also prepares a loyalty program. Accordingly, customers can accumulate points through invoices and can convert those points into promotions for the next purchase. It is a good mode for customers to enjoy shopping and have a better experience.

You can contact the customer service staff directly through the dedicated US telephone line. You can ask them anything related to cannabis seeds or cultivation, or any problems you have with your order.

#10 Attitude Seed Bank – Largest Hemp Seed Bank

Crop King Seeds is one of the famous seed banks that ship to USA. This online seed bank is a familiar place to buy seeds in many states in the US, Canada and surrounding areas. Crop King Seeds is best known for its quality seed collection with top germination rates.

Regarding the quality of seeds, despite the huge amount of storage, Seedsman still ensures careful selection. They keep only the best quality seeds, the best genetics to offer their customers. And these seeds are all stored in the most optimal conditions so as not to reduce the germination rate.

MJ Seeds Canada offers discreet packaging for all orders to ensure the cannabis seeds reach their customers. They have very safe packaging and do not reveal any information so you can rest assured.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in US? This is no longer a difficult question when the law is gradually loosening on this issue. However, currently only about 20 states allow you to grow cannabis at home, the rest do not.

You can choose from regular, autoflowering, and feminized seed varieties, whatever suits your style of growing best!

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With offering ranging from super common must-have strains such as Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze to more eclectic offerings such as Revolver and Dwarf Low Flier,

We Love Homegrown Cannabis Seeds

Let’s take a look at which online seed banks in the US (United States) made the cut!

Based in the Netherlands, I Love Growing Marijuana is the product of world class marijuana experts with tons of experience breeding and cultivating marijuana.

Homegrown Cannabis Co Seeds has something for everyone, whether you’re a veteran connoisseur or a first time grower.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is renowned for their customer service. If you purchase from this seed bank, you can expect free shipping on most orders, 24/7 customer service, and a loyalty program offering exclusive deals. All of these features combined with a large, unique stock of seeds earns Homegrown Cannabis Co our pick as one of the best online seed banks that ship to Australia.