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attitude seed company reviews

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Have done business with them for about 15 years and they just get worse with every order. They offer a ton of freebie seeds through monthly deals – which they fill with old and usually dead seed. Of the last 20 ‘free’ seeds received from Attitude 10 did not germinate, 7 popped and died, and only 3 actually grew. Last year I ordered 4 packs of different seeds and 4 of the packages did not even germinate. If you complain they hide behind the lie of "we sell souvenirs only" and they will refuse to replace the obviously old, inviable stock. Even if you pay extra for your order to be packaged in/with some sort of merchandise – to get the original breeders packs – they will still repackage the seed into small plastic bags and simply ignore any request for breeder packs. Sorry to say that Attitude used to be a great seed bank – now they are definitely failing more than than winning. Bad mojo!

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Rarely get plump, fresh seeds. I think they send the oldest seeds to the USA. I have had many that do not germinate or start to germinate and dont have enough vitality to push their way up out of the dirt. The last order was small and they managed to send the wrong stuff. I am going to start using seedbanks that are right here in the USA.

I cancelled my order 30 minutes after ordering,, thinking customs & police would enforce laws , .. in a panic.. I contacted them 3 times … to cancel the order ,, after another 3 messages . a month gone & they still have not refunded me …

Been ordering for Attitude since 2009 or so. Drop a couple grand over the years. Last order land in the USA no issues. Always ordered in breeder pack. Received in freedbie packs with not even the empty breeders packs. Only reason I ordered from the was stock in the US was gone and after watching the attitude’s stock come back, which was a little sketchy anyways after all was gone in the US, I pulled the trigger.
So don’t know. Sure they’ll say it’s bulk sent packs and they just repackage. Which even in the pass that was the case I ALWAYS received breeders packaging. Could be legit or maybe not. Not going put much faith in them. Sprout and see. But Attitudes off the buy from list for me.

Please pay the return postage and send out back by documented shipment so you have an evidence of publishing.

Total a return kind stating the reason for return and confined with goods and send out back within 14 days of receipt. Item needs to be returned in the same condition as they were gotten.

Please note:- Attitude Seeds do not accept return for Pick and Mix Seeds.

Attitude Seeds

The Attitude Seeds Bank are exporters of a few of the finest Marijuana seeds readily available worldwide today. We provide thousands of Cannabis seeds strains for you to pick from, skillfully expanded by the pioneers of the legendary Amsterdam cannabis seed banks. We get from the finest and most sought after breeders all over the world and a substantial choice of the finest Weed Cup winners Attitude Seeds Ship to USA

Getting Orders (UK).
Item should be with you within 3 working days. , if products do not arrive within 4 working days please alert Attitude Seeds immediately.

Attitude Seeds Policy

The assurance is provided in accordance with legal requirements. Any extra assurance statements are contained in the item descriptions.

I put up with a couple of weeks debating with Simona, had her tell me at one point I was “wasting HER time”, they are happy to take the cash, but a customer cant “waste” their time trying to get what they paid for?. Get another job if doing your job is wasting your time!.

I think we all know paying for insurance was always done in the spirit of customs stopping the parcel…NOT…just missing(never had customs stop an order in 20 years and still haven’t)…even though Simona was to make assumptions without facts and says customs have them but can’t prove this, which makes her a liar.

I proved to them, even by Royal Mails website that Attitude didn’t even send them correctly…but I’m being told I have to take responsibility for their actions because I didn’t pay for insurance. ….What.

Shipping & return policy of Attitude seed-bank

Attitude seed-bank has a special page for their promotions and deals. Check out the blog & promotions page were you can find deals with free seeds for example. This page is updated on a weekly basis. If you want to know about upcoming deals you can also contact them. Attitude seed-bank provides good information about their deals and are very open regarding this.

Comment by harrumphon October 9th, 2020

Attitude seed-bank accepts almost every payment option thinkable; let’s take a closer look. Starting with credit and debits cards online, they accept every card except for Master Card. Master card is easily hackable these days and attitude seed-bank refuses to provide this option. If you pay with another credit card; your bank statement be as discrete as possible, if you have a special request you can contact attitude seed-bank.
They also take phone orders and help you in every step of the way. Attitude seed-bank provide the option to pay in cash & gift cards. Just give attitude seed-bank an email and they will tell you how to proceed [email protected] If you want to pay with cryptocurrency; also send them an e-mail.
Another option is to download a printable order from the website of attitude seed-bank. You can then send this form to your postal office and the order will be completed. This is a unique way for people who do not like online transactions. You must however state your name and address in order to proceed with a printable order.
As stated; they will charge you in GBP; but your bank will take care of any currency conversions. They do not accept PayPal.

I proved to them that I was 100% correct and they were at fault and they should refund my money but they won’t, they only want to force seeds on me that I do not want.