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best auto cannabis seeds

In most cases, autoflower seeds have less THC content than their regular counterparts. If you want the strongest buds possible, you might need to go through the hassle of growing regular seeds.

Nonetheless, there are delicious hints of chocolate and mint in the smoke, and it tastes like cookies (hence the name). That makes it very accessible to those who don’t generally like the smell or flavor of marijuana.

This strain grows well in low-humidity situations, so you don’t have to turn your apartment into a greenhouse. You will need plenty of ventilation, though, as it can be prone to mold.

How are autoflowering seeds different from regular seeds?

It’s an extremely smooth smoke, with sweet and sour undertones. If you’re prone to coughing when you smoke, this strain will go down easily.

This autoflowering seed is highly disease-resistant, so you shouldn’t have any issues during the growth process. With indoors or outdoors growth options, this autoflowering strain is as convenient as it gets.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re just for rookies – experienced growers often love the convenience of auto seeds too.

Be prepared to shell out for good auto seeds!

Blackberry Kush Auto seeds are bred by Dutch Passion combining original Blueberry and dark Hindu Kush hash plant genetics to produce a hard-hitting, indica-dominant autoflowering strain. Blackberry Kush Auto seeds grow into medium-size plants that do well indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The purple color is prevalent in most phenotypes, with some appearing nearly black. A strong blackberry aroma and flavor come from the ultra-sticky buds. Powerful body high.

Northern Lights Auto is a big and productive autoflower strain sold by ILGM, based on the legendary indica strain Northern Lights. Auto Northern Lights seeds grow into resilient autoflowering plants that are easy to cultivate nearly anywhere. Its resinous indica buds have an earthy citrus aroma and produce comfortable, easygoing effects. High 18% THC content.

Lowryder #2 is a selectively inbred indica/sativa autoflowering cannabis strain made by The Joint Doctor, a breeder responsible for marketing the first commercially available autoflowering strain: the original Lowryder. Lowryder #2 incorporates Colombian Santa Maria genetics for increased resin production, improved flavor, and a stronger high. Lowryder #2 auto seeds grow into short, squat plants with exotic, berry-flavored buds. Medium 10–15% THC content.

8. Blackberry Kush Auto Seeds

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You can grow this awesome strain indoors and outdoors and can harvest your flowers between July to September. The plant’s height is between 60-100cm, making it one of the fast-growing shortest plants. Buds will be ready to be harvested in around 8-10 weeks.

White Widow is one of the most popular marijuana strains globally. White Widow Autoflower from Crop King Seeds is an incredibly potent, easy-to-grow, fast-flowering, and crystal-rich cannabis strain that delivers quite an unforgettable punch!


You will get small and resin-filled buds in around 9 weeks after plantation. It is one of the best outdoor strains. But interestingly, you can even get a good harvest in indoor and greenhouse plantations.

The Joint Doctor, the ever-popular auto-flowering breeder in the world, developed this strain. His work on developing auto-flowering genetics is appreciated globally.

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