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best cannabis seed starting soil

In general, not really. Here are the general characteristics of potting soil:

The debate around organic vs. conventional produce is still raging, but does it apply to seedling mixes as well? Make no mistake, manufacturers of seedling mixes are responding to the increased demand for organic and putting all sorts of organic seedling mixes on the market.

Choosing A Seed Starting Mix

You’ve probably heard of potting mix before — it’s a staple for flowers, veggies, raised beds…basically any type of gardening.

Although the name sounds fancy, a seed starting mix is simply a specific mixture of soil that is designed to give seeds their best chance at germinating and growing into healthy young seedlings.

But is it good for starting seeds?

When growing autoflowers, stay away from heavily fertilised soils and certain amendments like bat guano, as these will be too hot and overload your plants with nutrients. The same is true for cannabis seedlings, which do not like high levels of nutrients.

• Mixture of sand, silt, and clay
• Pros: Excellent water retention and drainage, contains nutrients, high oxygen levels
• Cons: Expensive



If you’re using store-bought potting mixes, these are already optimally “tuned” for growing. Different story if you’re growing organically, though. Natural soil comes in four varieties: sandy, silty, loamy, and clay. But know that most soils consist of varying ratios of these soil types.

To learn about no-till cultivation and its benefits, check out this article!

• Fine particle size
• High pH
• Pros: Rich in nutrients, retains water
• Cons: Poor drainage, heavy and compact, hard to work with

Aside from these factors, there are some common traits among all cannabis soils. Let’s take a look at them:

The flowering mix is the same except that i add High Phosphorus Guano, in my case, Jamaican.

I use sunshine #4 (Soilless mix) for starting, and i cut my Ocean Forest with Sunshine #4 for vegging.

2 parts Sunshine #4
1 part Ocean Forest (Happy Frog works great too)
Mycorrhizal fungi inoculant
Earthworm castings.
Dried Kelp
Jamaican Bat Poop (In the flowering mix)

That mix lightens up the Ocean Forest, and improves drainage because of all the perlite in Sunshine #4. The Myco inoculant is already in Happy Frog, but it’s not in Ocean Forest, so i add it. The Jamaican Bat Guano increases the phosphorus, because i’ve always thought that Ocean Forest just didn’t have enough Phos to finish up the buds. You’ll still need the occasional Micro-nutrient.