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best cannabis seeds europe

Each seed bank offers different products as they produce them themselves, creating new genetics and improving pre-existing ones.

As you can read, the best seed bank in the world is BSF Seeds, which puts quality, yield and speed of growth at the forefront. This company, which was founded in Spain produces seeds legally in California, where they are selected and vacuum-packed to preserve their unique characteristics.


Each of the auto-flowering, feminized and fast flowering seeds in this seed bank is hand-picked by experts and selected one by one to offer only the best product for sale. The company’s standards are very high, so much so that BSF adopts a rigorous phytosanitary protocol using only organic products.

Like Dutch Passion, the DNA Genetics seed bank is also based in Amsterdam, as it was born when this city was the only one to offer the possibility of a legal market for cannabis and related products. Over the years, DNA Genetics has produced high-quality seeds in California and initiated strategic partnerships worldwide.

From 2020 onwards, the hemp industry and related products, such as cannabis seeds, are flourishing. There are so many marijuana seeds banks in the world, and the choice is so vast that you might find it challenging to choose the right seed-brands for your needs.

Barney’s Farm has a reputation as one of the most highly regarded seed banks around. They are well known for their love of experimentation with high-quality genetics and have consistently produced strain after strain of top-shelf cannabis. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Barney’s Farm are at the very heart of cannabis culture and have pretty much been there from the start. All throughout the eighties, the breeders of Barney’s Farm travelled the world, collecting and cataloguing a whole array of the best cannabis strains available, ready to be bred back home. It resulted in the foundations from which they grew to fame, using their unique breeding skills to hone and meld all kinds of captivating strains. Barney’s Farm still scours the world for new and exciting landrace strains to make a part of their seed catalogue and use to breed the next generation of high-quality cannabis seeds. And the proof is out there, Barney’s Farm cannabis strains are some of the most award winning strains around – often winning a High Times Cannabis Cup every year.

Pyramid Seeds focuses on producing potent, high yielding and easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds. This one-track goal has led the seed bank to pour all its resources and knowledge into the breeding of some of the strongest bud around, and when paired with the fact all of their strains are easy to grow, has led to Pyramid Seed enjoying a surge of popularity over the last few years. The quality of their cannabis is such that they have managed to bag awards at the Spannabis Cup – Spain’s largest cannabis awards event. This approachability is popular with novices and veterans alike, with novices finding Pyramid Seeds’ range a great high-quality tool to learn with, while veterans enjoy the ease with which they can be subjected to advanced growing techniques. Pyramid Seeds is all about easy cultivation and using world-class genetics to achieve it.


Go to the complete catalogue of Dinafem.

Featuring in the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, DNA Genetics are the only seed bank ever to have won every single type of award presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup – one of the most prestigious cannabis award events on the planet. As such, they are quite rightly seen as one of the best cannabis seed banks around, and a heavy weight of the market. DNA Genetics actually started life as a Californian-based seed bank back in the eighties, but later moved to Amsterdam in 2002 to take advantage of the more cannabis friendly environment. It was a move that helped bring the best of American cannabis genetics right into the centre of the European cannabis scene, using their expertise and fresh take on certain strains to help shape the wider market as a whole.

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, making sure you get the best genetics possible is essential if you want to get the most out of your plant. A great way to ensure this is to look at the reputation of the seedbank you are buying from, because if anything is an indication of quality, it is happy customers. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top 10 best selling seedbanks here at Zativo – chosen by growers for growers.

If you’re looking for the best seed banks that ship to the USA, then our list is your best bet. Out of all the seed banks, you’ll find on the internet, these ones stand out because all of them offer stealth shipping services and all of their cannabis seeds are tested and high-quality. All of them are reliable and the real challenge is choosing which one out of the 10 is most suited for you.

Although you can indeed save money by buying in bulk it also makes your order more noticeable to people. If you’ve suddenly ordered 10 kg worth of seeds, it’s going to attract the curiosity of the people receiving your package and they’ll try figuring out what it is. This is why it’s highly recommended you keep your orders between small and medium-size packages to make them more inconspicuous.

This is where the Original Seeds Store comes in as they have a reliable return policy. As long as you contact them within 28 days of the purchase, the company will do its best to return defective products and compensate you for the trouble.

Purchase from Reputable Sources

If you’re looking for the best American seed banks then check out I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM). The seed bank is founded by Robert Bergman and it’s one of the best marijuana seeds on this list. The online seed banks have a germination guarantee so expect 100% germination rates from all of their seeds.

Check out our list since it features the best seed banks in the US. Some customers even think that they are the best seed banks in the world since some of the brands on our list also offer worldwide shipping that caters to the needs of multiple countries.

Luckily for you, you won’t find that with Herbies Seeds as their website is the opposite of clunky. They may have a lot of products to offer but thankfully the layout is good and the products are color-coded so you know which products are the best and which ones are on a discount making things very convenient.

One of the few gripes we have with Herbies Seeds is that they rely too much on technology so they rarely have good customer service. They have digital customer service on their website and it answers most of your questions but it’s no substitute for a real person.