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best cannabis seeds in the world

ILGM is based in the Netherlands and is run by Robert Bergman, an incredibly skilled professional marijuana grower who has been developing marijuana and growing strains for ten years. They offer cheap prices, very high-quality marijuana seeds, and deliver to so many different countries. This high-quality seed bank provides a wide range of marijuana seeds. No matter what your tastes, you will find something you will love in this quality place to buy marijuana seeds.

Gorilla Seed Bank offers a variety of strains that are among the most popular worldwide and from exclusive growers, has more than 2500 marijuana lines from over 60 seed growers. At the moment the company does not grow its strains and sell seeds from companies including Barney’s Farm, Greenhouse Seeds, Bomb seeds, DinaFem, Psalm, and Big Buddha.

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Make sure you are certainly buying seeds from a reputable legitimate seed bank. This will help ease any fears you may have and will not only make the purchasing system less stressful but will also make it completely enjoyable.

Some of the best-selling brands of their product are Jack Herer feminized, Quebec gold feminized, AK47, and QC black gold marijuana seeds. Although the seed bank is located in Canada, it delivers the weed seeds all over the world via fast and secure courier service.

In addition to the anonymity option, anonymous bills through Bitcoin help ensure safe, invaluable purchases. Herbies Seeds prides itself on reliability and prompt service. No, matter where you are global, Herbie guarantees that you will receive your seeds in less than weeks. Visit Herbies customer service team for help.

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This Canadian seed bank also allows multiple payment methods. It should be easy to make payments with your credit card, debit card, online payment processor, and more. If you pay through bitcoin, you will get a 20% discount. That is more reason to consider using cryptocurrencies.

The customer service team does a good job of guiding you better to identify the high-quality seeds you might want. It is understandable because sometimes the many seeds can make someone confused about what they want.

3. Crop King Seeds

If you ever have any problems, you should find that the customer service team is willing to help. The team can take you through different strains making sure you understand what you are buying.

The loyalty program the company offers has made more people consider using the brand more often. They know that they will be rewarded each time they can use the company. Once you have accumulated enough loyalty points, you can always convert them to cash on the website and get cannabis seeds.

You still get germination guaranteed quality seeds from the company. Such a guarantee helps you buy the seeds knowing they will do great.

Although you can indeed save money by buying in bulk it also makes your order more noticeable to people. If you’ve suddenly ordered 10 kg worth of seeds, it’s going to attract the curiosity of the people receiving your package and they’ll try figuring out what it is. This is why it’s highly recommended you keep your orders between small and medium-size packages to make them more inconspicuous.

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Your credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers can be traced back to your bank accounts, showing you’ve made purchases at a seed bank. If you truly want to keep things discreet, we highly recommend that you use Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency since it will be much harder to trace back your order.

Another thing worth praising about the company is it is one of the best online seed banks that ship to the USA and other countries. In fact, they do ship worldwide which makes them a good shipping option especially if you’re living in a foreign country where other online seed banks don’t usually ship to. The online seed bank also offers stealth shipping as well making it a good choice for beginner growers who want to keep their hobby a secret.

Stealth Shipping Cannabis Seeds That Delivers to the USA

Last but not least is their free shipping option. Tiger-one will ship your products for free once you reach a certain limit on your purchases. Of course, this feature isn’t just limited to people in the EU so people in the United States can benefit from this one as well.

If you’re looking for a seed bank that ships to Canada quickly, then MSNL Seedbank is an option. This seed bank doesn’t just sell quality marijuana seeds but they also are one of the fastest when it comes to delivering your marijuana seeds making sure that you can plant them as soon as possible. And speaking of shipping, it is stated on their website that they also offer stealth shipping as well which makes good choices if you want to keep things discreet about your seed bank orders. Observer and also vote MSNL as the best-seller seed bank that ships to the USA.

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Despite all of these good things, Quebec Cannabis Seeds does have some negatives about it like the lack of payment options since they usually accept Visa and Mastercards so some credit cards may not work with them. You can opt for a bank transfer as well but it usually takes time and is very tedious. Another negative about their service is the lack of a return policy so you better hope that you get your seeds in good condition since the company doesn’t take returns.

Speaking of quality, this connoisseur of a seed bank guarantees an 80% germination rate which is more realistic and believable compared to some of its competitors that claim a 100% germination rate. Now couple this with high-quality seeds and a decent website and you have a wonderful brand like Crop King Seeds.