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Dial in your doja with terpinolene, marijuana’s reported energy terpene, or aroma molecule. Look for orange color-coded strains on Leafly—that’s us pointing out terpinolene.

Blow minds at the evening meetup with the finest kind. We’re talking about that heavy session where everyone brings out the fire flower.

Working out, playing, deep-cleaning

Lemony, kushy champion—Le Mans (Courtesy Freddy’s Fuego)

And no summer hit list can miss Gelatos and GMOs—be it Alien Labs’ Baklava abducting fools in AZ and CA, or six-state operator Grassroots Cannabis’ selling out of Garlic Cookies.

Tangie cross of note: Pink Moon (Kosher Kush x Tangie) from Houseplant, CA. (David Downs/Leafly)

On its own, GMO Cookies dominated in 2020. It’s a savory counterpoint to all the dessert strains. Ultra-high in THC, GMO dumps resin for hashmakers.

Look closely for these small, white, dense, purplish Runtz nugs—and don’t pay top dollar for anything weathered, brown or green.

A super Glue

A lot of Runtz is coming down,” said Jodrey.

Cookies planted a pride of these coveted Cheetah exotics outdoors this year. That means you’ll be able to spot a great deal on an ounce.

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Have you finally decided to buy those seeds for yourself? Make sure to tick a few boxes as stated below beforehand.

Get ready to be spoilt for choice with Seedsman’s variety of cannabis seeds. Based in the UK, this seed bank has become a trusted online store for the purchase of seeds since its inception in 2003. The company is known for quality and variety.

MSNL also has something for beginners still learning about the products in this category. The brand offers value-pack mixes with different strains for newbies to experiment with till they can settle for their taste and optimal choice. You can opt for the quiz on their website to see which seeds work best for you!

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds: Buyer’s Guide

The customer support service system of the brand is pretty average. You can help by reading and writing reviews for the products you have used/want to use. You can feel free to reach out to the technical Seedsman’s team through email or telephonic means.

MSNL is the brainchild of a geneticist providing high-quality seeds, delivered fresh to your doorstep. People associate themselves with the brand because of its reputable standing in the market, guaranteed standard, and various strain collections, among other factors.

ILGM also stands out because of its germination guarantee. If the cannabis seeds received don’t sprout, you can claim your money back! Unlike most brands, ILGM provides a warranty on their product.

Known for being a 100% safe and organic seed bank, ILGM is popular among customers for quality and a wide range of selections of strains. The brand also has excellent customer service, including a popular forum where customer complaints and queries are troubleshot within short periods.