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best feminized seeds

Fat Banana won’t keep you waiting. She puts out a canopy of resinous buds a mere 7–8 weeks after initiating flowering. Indoor plants provide a yield of up to 400g/m² and won’t exceed 140cm in height. Plants grown outdoors offer strong returns of 450–500g/plant and ascend to a height of 200cm. Outdoor plants will be ready to trim during late September.

The best feminized genetics of 2020.

As photoperiod strains, these feminized ladies flower according to changes in available light. Outdoors, they’ll begin to flower according to the natural rhythm of the seasons. Indoors, growers have complete control. Keep them vegging for as long as you please, or flip them to flower straight from seed.

Fat Banana

The days of checking for males and guarding against waves of pollen are over. Experience peace of mind with our top ten feminized strains of 2020.

These top-tier cultivars represent the best feminized genetics of 2020. All of them pack phenomenal flavours, intense effects, and impressive-enough yields to keep your stash jars full until the next growing season.

Legendary OG Punch grows tall, wide, and produces a dense canopy abundant with bud sites. Her colas are dense and feature a dark green canvas contrasted by large quantities of glistening trichomes. Our breeders created this unique hybrid after carefully crossing Legend OG and Purple Punch over several generations. She emerged as a hardy variety capable of thriving in a wide range of climates. Indoors, she’ll produce a rewarding 500–550g/m² after a flowering time of 8 weeks. Her slightly indica-dominant buds possess a THC level of 19% alongside refreshing and fruity terpenes—limonene and pinene dominate the mix.

Bred to produce only females, you’re guaranteed to receive dense canopies of flowers when growing from feminized seeds. This erases the hassle of sexing plants and culling males.

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3. Gelat.OG Feminized Seeds

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Gorilla Zkittles is a new high-yielding hybrid by Barney’s Farm that combines the genetics of 2 popular US cannabis strains—Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittles. An aggressive grower indoors and outdoors, Gorilla Zkittles feminized seeds develop into resilient, mostly indica plants that get 4 to 7 feet tall. The large resinous colas are ready to harvest at 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Fruity flavors. Indica stone. High 24% THC.

As a newcomer, you may be questioning whether you should order regular or feminized seeds. If you think you’ll buy and then identify the seeds, you will have chances to end up with male plants. Buying feminized seeds will save you time as you won’t have to distinguish and separate male plants from the garden.

A quick puff and you will be doing the chores inside your home without any jittering. They have mixed Super skunk with Chemdawg 91 to make this best indoor strain of cannabis.


Are you looking for the best feminized seed variety pack to try out many different marijuana strains altogether?

If you are a lover of tall plants, then this cannabis strain will surely impress you as it can grow up to a height of 4 meters when given enough sunlight and grown in outdoor conditions.

This marijuana strain is very easy to grow and will grow on either indoors settings or outdoors setting. The plant takes about 9 weeks to grow and provide you with dense buds that are densely packed from top to the bottom of this cannabis plant.