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best mold resistant strains

The buds produced from this strain is also very valuable and excellent for smoking. Once you smoke it, you will be very social and comfortable with people.

The overall smell of this strain is very sweet and has undertones of fruity flavor. After smoking this marijuana, you are going to get potent, cerebral, and psychedelic highs, so make sure that you are ready for a roller coaster ride on your couch.

Keep liquids near as this is sure to give you cottonmouth.


The smell, when the plant has grown fully, will be very raw, organic, and deep . There would be a lot of smell of mud as well.

When i think of the best Mold Resistant Strain the only thing that comes into my mind is: Super Silver Haze (fem), go ahead and get it from official website.

The amount of time required for flowering is less than the normal average of marijuana plants, and it will smell and taste like citrus flavor . The aftertaste of this marijuana is bittersweet along with fruity.

The taste of the weed is sweet along with spice flavor. Spice flavor comes from hints of aniseed, cinnamon, and licorice.

Stress Killer Automatic is a hardy and resilient specimen that stems from parent strains Lemon Shining Silver Haze, Juanita la Lagrimosa and Ruderalis. This powerful genetic base has gifted this variety a potent defence against mould invasion, keeping her precious flowers safe and ensuring high levels of protection over a crop. She’s also highly tolerant to excess humidity, an environmental factor that contributes toward the formation of mould.

There are several means of preventing mould formation, with genetics playing an important role. Some strains have developed the ability to resist mould to a certain extent, and here are the top 5.

Mould can be a devastating blow to a grower’s crop, potentially ruining it entirely. These strains feature genetic traits that make them highly resistant to mould.


Stress Killer Automatic is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers high amounts of CBD, making her a fine choice for users seeking high doses of the therapeutic cannabinoid without getting too elevated in the process. Her effects are clear, pleasant, and allow the user to continue with their daily tasks without any mental obstruction.

Mould is a multicellular fungus that usually decomposes dead organic matter, yet can also affect living organisms, such as various plants and animals. Mould can be a big issue for growers, especially those dealing with damp conditions with little to no airflow. Mould usually takes the form of a white fuzz present on leaves and flowers, and is a devastating sight for growers who may have been halfway through cultivating an otherwise perfectly healthy crop.

This variety can be grown successfully in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor plants burst from seed to harvest in as little as 60–65 days and provide significant yields of 400–500g/m². Outdoor plants take advantage of more space to spread their roots and are capable of producing rewarding yields of 600–1000g/plant.

The trick to beating mold is to provide safe plants and supply them with the best security to do the job of growing a successful harvest for you! The leading causes of marijuana mold are excessive temperature, soil moisture, and inadequate air circulation. Therefore, be sure that the plants have adequate room over them to have sufficient drainage and exposure to the sunlight, and make sure that moisture concerns are handled.

The Sweet Tooth is a pleasant and potent strain with spice, sweet, and earthy tastes. This Indica dominant strain provides the correct combination of flavor, fragrance, results, and medical benefits. This extremely tolerant strain, best grown outdoors, does not require much care because it is poor maintenance. Because of its legacy of being a pure landrace with its natural habitat, there is no human activity. Then Sweet Tooth will be up your alley if you are searching for a delicious strain with a respectable big; as a plus, it’s indeed mold-resistant

What are Bud Molds?

Mold is a multicellular organism that typically evaporates dead organisms, while live species, such as various plants and animals, may also be impacted. For farmers, particularly those struggling with moist conditions with little or no ventilation, mold can be a significant concern. Marijuana molds will secretly reveal their own; maybe the first indication that it occurs would be a minor leaf discoloration on the colas or a part of marijuana bud that appears somewhat off-color. You will notice rot in your bud, creeping from the inside, through closer examination. Molds typically take the shape of white fuzz on flowers and leaves, and for farmers who might have been midway across planting a formerly excellent crop, it is a disastrous sight. Both indoors and outside, mold is widespread. In mild, humid climates, it usually happens. Humidity may keep water from being evaporated, which is what contributes to decay. Consequently, in outdoor growing with a moist atmosphere, or even in greenhouses with inadequate water and lighting circulation, mold may occur.

Green Crack offers a highly energetic body that promises to get you out for more. Citrusy sweetness with touches of spice and lemon, with that kind of smooth, spacious strain, it went a somewhat big step. This robust crop is rapidly growing and sometimes needs trimming. Expect fast growth, high yields, and flowers that will mature in 9-10 weeks. More than 21 percent of this strain’s THC content is solid and is sensed primarily from a full-body high. It is reasonably easy to develop Green Crack, which is versatile enough to acquire outdoors and indoors. However, it can spread a little further when grown outdoors. When growing Green Crack, it is advised to maintain the humidity down when creating Green Crack. Ideally, it should be planted in a mild summer, Mediterranean environment when grown outdoors.

If you like a bit more of a challenge, Moby Dick is a beautiful strain for attempting to expand your side. While it’s mold-resistant, to bring the most out of your plants, you will have to practice topping. If you ever get this correctly, it is worth the award. The Moby Dick is known for being Sativa’s most celebrated and well-known dominant weed.