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best place to buy cannabis seeds uk


You can even peruse cannabis strains by their sorts, similar to High Yield, High THC, Regular Strains, CBD Strains, and so on. Gorilla seed bank group is continuously watching out for the best strains available. They test their seed to keep up top-notch quality products.

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6 – Gorilla Seed Bank

Dissimilar to other seed shops online, Seedsman offers one of a kind methodology. As opposed to lodging all the seeds, they sell the seeds originating from different breeders. Although they have a predetermined number of strains, their essential objective is to offer a broad scope of seed decisions that every other person will appreciate. In many reviews from Seedsman seeds, clients state that after accepting and checking the seeds, they are perfect.

Modes of Payment

Whether you are purchasing cannabis seeds from an online store or shop visit , various factors will influence your marijuana seed buying experience. It ranges from the quality to the choice of seeds. It also depends on shipping, payment options, and customer service.

4 . The Vault Seed Bank


SUPER, you say? This bud has a super level of THC at 22%, and will have your energy levels through the freakin’ roof. You’ve got a bunch of work to tackle (not operating heavy machinery of course)? Smoke a little bit of this Super Lemon Haze and you’ll be sawing through your tasks with ease.

What Marijuana Strain Should I Grow in the UK?

Anyone can sell marijuana seeds online. But we’re not looking for just anyone. We want the MOST REPUTABLE seed banks that ship to the UK. Reputable means well respected, consistent, and affordable. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the finest, we’ve done the research for you, and we’ve put together our top 3 seed banks.


MSNL are amazing. They are true pioneers of the online seed bank game, and are BASED IN THE UK. This is why we have them listed at number 1 on our chart. Since the late 90’s, they’re developed a loyal and strong customer base by delivering awesome customer service, and quality seeds. We believe they’re THE BEST seed banks that ships to the UK.

Each year the cannabis community holds various festivals and gatherings at which cups and prizes are awarded to the finest cannabis strains and hybrids.

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Fast Delivery, descreet packaging and very helpful staff. Highly recommended! 5**

Placed my order and received my seeds the next day! Plus got lots of free seeds I wasn’t expecting! Great service thanks grizzly seed bank

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