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best way to sell weed fast

Then there are “environmental monitoring and sanitation issues” unique to the growing of weed. “I think the main challenge,” Adams concludes, “is that marijuana is an agricultural or horticultural crop but it’s being regulated from a pharmaceutical perspective. One of the major challenges is joining the agricultural and pharmaceutical ways of doing things.”

For the prospective grower that means knowing both the production side of the industry as well as the sales: you’ve got to be as good at producing pot as getting someone else to pay for it and smoke it.

With so much money in the marijuana game, it may be difficult for the independent supplier to stand out – unless independence is seized upon as a virtue.

3. Build a client base – and keep them

If you’ve got a good product, you’ve got to get it into your customer’s hands and have them come back.

She continues: “A lot of people have been growing for 20 years. That’s great. Chances are they are very knowledgeable about growing the plant. But when it comes to regulations, financials and everything to do with exchange, they have no idea how that part works.”

Growing and selling marijuana the proper way is rather more difficult than simply popping a plant under a black light in your closet. Doing it right means planning to grow on a large scale – and planning to deal with large-scale problems.

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Types of cannabis products

This is the second most popular way of launching an online cannabis business.

How to promote your Cannabis Online Business

Marijuana consumers have a number of queries about the uses and side effects of cannabis. Writing relevant CBD related blog content can help increase website traffic and drive attention of these users towards your dispensary.

Having a mobile friendly website helps you to drive more traffic and therefore, rank you in the top search results.

Cannabis is used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana is used to reduce vomiting during chemotherapy and to improve appetite in people suffering from HIV infection. It also helps treat involuntary contraction of muscles and chronic pains.

Grow it, it’s cheaper and you can still get high.

First of all smoke less.. The reason one would feel like they’ve made nothing after buying a quarter for 50 dollars and selling it is probably because he smoked more then 2 grams and actually aquired a loss.

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Lets say i started selling. at this stage i could probably only pay for a quarter-ounce (50 bucks in my area) right now,, and for selling completely legit i would only make 20 bucks profit from that quarter (if i didnt smoke a bunch of it)

sorry if this question seems like common sense but i just want to get some opinions.. thanks guys

first of all sorry for the misunderstanding but i didnt necesarily mean I wanted to start selling, i just have a lot of friends who do sell and in many cases it seems like they’re doing it for nothing because it doesnt seem like they’re getting much from it