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black widow cannabis seeds

As a beginner-friendly strain, she is easy to cultivate in both indoor and outdoor conditions. She won’t disappoint you with her medium to high yields.

A Leading Choice for Indica

Michael N – August 20, 2020

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The Black Widow was born out of the cross between the Brazilian Sativa and a South-Indian Indica. With a THC content of between 24-28%, she is a bit indica-dominant. One of her eye-catchy features is that her flowers are wrapped with a lot of shiny crystals that give it a delightful frosty appearance.

Tim Cochrane – December 12, 2020

The Black Widow is an aromatic strain that possesses a very interesting terpene and cannabinoid profile. She introduces the blended notes of pine, sugar, fruit, and spices.

My first time growing this strain.I grew in soil outdoors- dirt gives best colours and taste, as opposed to indoor factory farmed. Great vegging and starting flowering, then sorta slowed down, flowered from mid/late July to End Sept. Beginning of October.Two plants yielded a little over 1/2 lb. Amazing scent, gorgeous phenotype.Looked like was dipped in sugar, there were so many trichomes. Plants looked white on tops of leaves and ovaries. Kept trained by trimming. Not quite the KICK I’m used to (24-29%). That is B.C. Grown High Grade Commercial. So all in all I enjoyed this: Germination, vegging, flowering/harvesting. Most of all, I really enjoyed this at night before bed. Helped with my Chronic Insomnia. Will grow again; use BIGGER CONTAINERS next time. Nice Social smoke with friends, stimulating cerebral buzz. Decent Genetics, GREAT for beginners, though may be quite strong if not used to Top Shelf!

SMELL : It gives off a strong floral scent with fusions of fresh mint and forest land. Truly a touch of floral explosion. Essential to use activated carbon filter .

TASTE : Lingers on the palate one minty aftertaste hard to forget. This is definitely a gourmet delicatessen .

Outdoors can reach 1.5m -2m in height. Indoors hardly reaches 1m . It tolerates high humidity in advanced stages of flowering. Successfully resists pests in general.

EFFECT : Strongly sedating and relaxing with high CBD content . Undoubtedly one of the best varieties for medicinal use.

Slightly inbred crossing between two varieties Indicas exceptional . Misty genetics was a revolution in the 80s The origin of this variety is kept anonymous, but given its high concentration of CBD Positronics decided to preserve it by importing from EE . UU . In the mid -nineties a variety called White Widow, which soon became one of the most prestigious varieties on the market. Positronics decided to combine the two varieties, recommending its use for medicinal purposes since they are high in CBD .

Mentholated indicates almost pure aroma. Relaxing effect. recommended for medicinal use.

Its use is advised late in the day with clearly introspective .

Suggested for indoor growing, Black Widow won’t gobble up a ton of room. Its absence of length doesn’t diminish it’s turnout, however. In truth, it produces better returns in a controlled setting. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique and putting them into a flowering state when they are small is ideal when there is restricted space to develop. This is a method to develop marijuana that powers flowering at a youthful age. It permits you to maximize your space without relinquishing the yield. When you put the plants into the blossoming stage with a 12/12 light routine, you can fit additionally blooming plants into more space.

Probably the most grounded strain ever created, this plant is a work of art and is anything but difficult to grow. First-time growers will discover developing its feminized weed seeds from I49 to be a pleasant and compensating experience. Its incredible scent, sweet flavor, and devilish power have given it lasting power and made it a legend in its field. It is one of the most loved among cannabis clients.


Persistence is needed to grow Black Widow fem, in light of the fact that this is not a particularly quick-growing strain. It starts to flower inside 70 to 90 days, contingent upon the phenotype. There are two kinds of known phenotypes for the Black Widow. The short and quick and the tall and moderate. It is a fairly easy strain to grow because it is resistant to pests and mold. When grown inside it doesn’t get super tall and you can anticipate that this strain should blossom in 8-10 weeks. If an open-air grow is your jam, you can expect plants shooting up to 6 feet tall that have yields of 11-14 ounces of usable cannabis.

This strain’s cerebral buzz kicks in right away, leaving clients with a trippy head rush that gradually changes to rapture. When the high peaks at its maximum level, individuals will feel more joyful than a spider devouring a bug in its web.

Its indica content has powerful healing properties and its therapeutic benefits can ease incessant agony brought about by diseases like joint pain, muscle fits, and eye pressure. It can spur on the appetite which is a bonus for those with dietary issues. With only a little puff or two, hunger cravings are instigated.