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blueberry auto cannabis seeds

Blueberry Autoflowering also makes a great strain of choice for growers who want a yield fast, or those who are growing their crop in a covert manner. This strain goes from seed to harvest in a rapid period of 8 to 9 weeks and can be expected to grow to a height of 75cm indoors and also remains on the smaller side of things when cultivated outdoors.

Blueberry Autoflowering was birthed out of the crossing of blueberry genetics with cannabis ruderalis. This cross enabled a famous and greatly appreciated strain to harbour autoflowering characteristics which leads to smaller plants that are easier to manage and easy to grow.

Blueberry Autoflowering is a great strain choice for those looking for a deep stoned and body high sensation. Although it may not be the best strain to smoke before setting out to work for the day or before exercise, the strain is great before bed, to relax at the beach with and for certain medical conditions.

Blueberry Autoflowering: brings blueberry together with ruderalis genetics

The body high and stoned capabilities of this plant are represented by its genetic makeup, which is 70 percent indica, 20 percent sativa and 10 percent ruderalis. Indica strains are renowned for deeply relaxing, sleep inducing and healing effects. Blueberry Autoflowering offers buds with 14 percent THC along with medium levels of CBD. This makes the strain great for both recreational and medicinal use, with impressive levels of both major cannabinoids.

Growers can expect approximately 450g/m² when it comes to yields from plants that were grown indoors.

It isn’t any surprise that under this heading we are going to say to drink some water before you toke up. The common troubles here are cottonmouth and dry eyes. If you forgot to be preventa-tive, then get out your eye drops and a drink of water.

There are many uses for this plant with medical issues, both mental and physical. It can help with things as simple as having a stressful day and needing help relaxing. It is also helpful if you have some bigger issues such as depression, insomnia or, anxiety. With a couple of puffs from a bowl of this you will find your troubles wash away. You might even get giggly. With insomnia, modera-te doses will help you drift off to sleep with ease.

This strain has the prestige of winning the 2000 Cannabis Cup from High Times Magazine. Auto Blueberry Fem strain weed seeds are made from a hybrid created from the Afghani indica, Thai sativa, and Lowrdyer ruderalis where it gets its autoflowering properties from. This combination brings you cannabis seeds that are outstanding for a balanced relaxation from its 85% indica side while the 15% sativa from the Thai component will keep you from nodding off.

Medical Application

We have some fantastic news for you! The flowering time is 8 weeks for this strain. That means earlier harvests indoors and well like we mentioned multiple outdoors. Everyone put on your dancing shoes – party time will be coming soon.

In addition to all that wonderfulness is the fact that the seeds are feminized. You will not have to deal with any of those pesky male plants taking up space in your garden, using up your time and potentially lowering your yield. What more could a cannabis grower ask for!

Just because we want you to have a wonderful experience shopping with us, we have gathered together a few other strains similar to Auto Blueberry for your perusal.

Outdoors this plant may not yield as much but will make up for that as you will be har-vesting multiple times. In the northern hemisphere you can plant as soon as the last frost has finished you can harvest until mid-October when the first frost hits. Mind that you pay attention to the frost reports. Your bud won’t be happy about getting frost on them.

Our Blueberry Auto is not very demanding, make sure she has enough light, food, and good conditions and you won’t have a problem at all. Due to the Indica genetics, it may be a good idea to defoliate slightly, this way you avoid undeveloped buds in the lower flowering sites. It’s recommended to flush during the last weeks of flowering to enhance the aroma and encourage the appearance of unique colors.

You won’t feel couch-locked but the high is quite potent, the relaxed, calm, and focused effect may feel like a Sativa type of high but it will put you to sleep if that’s what you’re after, so moderation is key if you don’t want to smoke yourself to sleep.

By harvest the buds will be completely covered with a thick layer of resin and can end up showing-off lots of colors; You can expect bright-green buds with sometimes pink, yellow, purple, and red hues all over the buds and foliage around them. giving it that sought-after sticky appearance.

Grow tips

The calyxes become quite swollen, giving the buds a fat and pointy look, and as soon as you break a nug open, they’ll fill the room with the smell of freshly-picked sweet blueberries that will make everyone’s mouth water.

Growing up to 110cm, this strain develops a typical Indica structure but slightly taller and longer internodes while producing yields of 500gr/m2. As soon as your plant starts growing you will see the wide fan leaves emerging from the thick stem and long side branches that will slowly start filling up with pointy rock-solid buds that are completely covered with a layer of resin and boast different colors all over as harvest time comes.

This is a powerful strain that, thanks to the 22% THC, hits as soon as you take the first puff; You will feel completely relaxed and feeling like you’re at a spa, and the effects will leave you feeling uplifted and will help boost conversation while you remain super chill, and anxiety-free.

You’ll experience an incredibly pleasing and sweet flavor that will leave your mouth coated with an extremely sweet wild blueberry taste and slowly turns into a blueberry muffin-like flavor as you exhale. A delicious mix of flowery, earthy, and fruity terpenes will take over the whole room as soon as you light up a joint, and with the first hit, you’ll know exactly why this strain became so popular.