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The primary reason why people grow canna-bonsai trees is to produce clone clippings. Because each mother plant remains small, cannabis bonsais takes up much less space than a full-grown mother plant.

Because each strain’s genetics are different, certain cultivars will be better suited for developing into canna-bonsais. Here are a couple of strains that, thanks to their short stature, we think are ideal candidates for growing into canna-bonsai trees.



The second step is to properly set the mother plant in the pot. When choosing a cutting for a mother plant, make sure that you pick a healthy and sturdy one. Clippings can be taken from the plant several times per year, so it’s important to ensure the mother of these clones is capable of producing quality buds.

Similarly to regular bonsai trees, cannabis bonsais are miniature plants that never really grow beyond a number of centimetres. These plants provide growers with an effective source of clone clippings, without taking up too much space or requiring too many resources. And best of all, they are quite easy to set up and maintain.

Once your canna-bonsai reaches the flowering stage (you can determine this by viewing the trichomes on your buds), and when they turn creamy white, it’s time to snip them off.

Just make sure you only prune the new offshoot branches, because you definitely don’t want to cut any important ones, as this will slow down the growth of your plant to a great extent.

Double check that the buds don’t get too humid, and if that happens, just air out the jars and close the lid again.

Phase Three – Branch Training

Make sure you don’t tie the trunk with too much force, and always leave some extra room for the trunk to expand in size.

The next thing needed to be done is tying the branches of your plant.

This will preserve that custom bonsai look, but at the same time it’ll preserve an optimal amount of airflow to your plant, preventing it to become too humid and develop any mold.

If you want your branches to be more horizontal, tie them down with more force, and if you want them in a more traditional vertical style, keep the bondage of that branch light.

Since the dream of cannabis bonsai has greatly surged in popularity recently, and moreover, continues to be one of the hottest topics among cannabis enthusiasts of different age and background, it seems like the only thing that blocks you from significantly increasing cannabis seeds sales-related ROI is to provide your customers with what they have been craving for, but for this purpose, you need to think like a cannabis user, and not merely like a gardener.

Your major goal is to make cannabis enthusiasts feel that you are on their side; that you understand their needs, love, and respect for the ancient herb. Doing so will help you establish a deep emotional bond with your customers that is bound to bring high profits for your business for years to come.

For the record, just a quick Google search will redirect you to tons of articles that claim how effortless it is to grow a cannabis bonsai. There are complete step-by-step guides available, and in fact, there is even a witty name for cannabis bonsai trees, known among pot aficionados as “budzai.” Even budzai Internet contests and challenges are on the rise!

Exploring the Huge Potential Gains of the Cannabis Bonsai Fever for Garden Center Owners

However, being able to proudly display a wonderful cannabis bonsai tree specimen is like a real dream come true to just about any average cannabis enthusiast out there, even if he/she isn’t really that much into growing the ancient herb for the purpose of harvesting and consuming the plant material.

And since growing a cannabis bonsai tree can be accomplished much more easily than having to deal with other bonsai-suitable plant varieties, such as pine trees, maple trees, and/or the legendary beginner bonsai-friendly ficus varieties, even those who seem not to be blessed with that green thumb can become marijuana bonsai masters.

Ultimately, your garden center can enjoy high profits from selling marijuana seeds and providing marijuana gardening know-how for free to your customers, no matter if it comes to profiting from cannabis bonsai enthusiasts or those who are mostly interested in growing the herb with a mind to enjoying a healthy, bountiful harvest.

Quintessentially, those who happen to love cannabis will also love to grow a miniature cannabis bonsai tree. In fact, introducing a cannabis plant to the art of bonsai is no less intriguing for the people who may have never had a big passion for cannabis consumption and/or tend to consume the green medication only occasionally.