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bonza seed bank

The latest strains on their shop are the Mkage feminized, Northern Hog Auto, Happiness feminized, and Akorn feminized. The top-selling marijuana strains on their online website are Pineapple chunk, Moneymaker, White lemon ad Liberty haze.

Customers are satisfied with the low prices of seeds and their reliability as well.

Sorting through 2500+ marijuana strains has never been easy. If you would like to read about marijuana-related informative articles, then go to their official blog.

Germination Success

All of the deliveries from bonza seeds are stealth-packed for maximum privacy , so you might have to pay a little more delivery fee than what other best online seed banks charge. But at the end of the day, the extra fee is worth it.

They have a rock and roll up collection , which you cannot find on any other online seedbanks. This collection has marijuana strains that are bred and developed by the experts at bonza seed bank.

Bonza Seed Bank has a pick and mixes selling scheme where you can buy seeds in bulk or in a mixture or even a single seed as well. You have the full liberty of buying exactly what you want. You don’t have to buy a full pack of cannabis if you just want to try with one single seed.

Bonza seed bank delivers marijuana seeds all over the world. But with everything marijuana, you have to be careful and research the local laws before ordering anything online.

Bonza seed bank started in 2009, and since then they have come a long way and increased their production to high levels.

Bonza seeds give out germination guarantee!

History of Bonza Seed Bank

Although compared to other seeds bank who have 25+ years of experience in marijuana breeding and seed selling, this comparatively new Bonza seed bank with 10 years of experience is walking tall with them.

Despite that, all the breeders associated with bonza seeds do have their own inspections to keep the quality of marijuana seeds always high.

People who have bought from Bonza seeds have given them very high ratings for getting only the fresh and good quality seeds.

I have been waiting 70 days and nothing , Bonza seeds dont give a damm , they do absolutely no effort to find out where the parcel is , my order ref is #800057568

Ordered one head cheese seed and received the most inferior black head of a seed ever. I would never give away such a seed to anyone to grow, let alone sell. I can not endorse this company to anyone who wants just one seed. They dont care about quality of viability.

guest South Africa, August 2018

In the past have had 2 x previous orders delivered OK, however had to use their "Buddy" delivery system at a premium price, as they said deliveries to QLD are the most difficult due to Customs seizures.
Last order was placed late December 2017, had to play email tag for a week trying to get them to do Buddy system again just to be told by Bonza that they dont do Buddy any more and that deliveries to QLD were much easier now.
Anyhow the order was supposedly dispatched on 02/01/18 without Buddy system.
Had to wait 6 weeks and fill out an online before I could even tell them it was a no show and to do a resend.
Now why I had to wait 6 weeks is just Bull Shit, the resend arrived from UK to AUS in just 8 days.
But wait theres more:
I had to stuff around for a day to organise payment via BitCoin so I could get some discounts & Free seeds offered by Bonza when paying with Bitcoin – guest what – NO Free Seeds in the Resend.
I get the feeling that the Company may have changed hands and/or their man in NSW that was doing posts to other states may have got busted. Either way its all bad news for those in QLD.

Hello everyone, This review is a few years late but at least i got some experience with the seeds Ive purchased from Bonza Seed. and the reason im leaving a review now is because i just ordered from SeedSupreme and im remembering my experience with BonzaSeeds. So Ive ordered from Bonza twice, both times it was over 20 and under 40 seeds roughly. I have to admit Ive received my seeds in probably 2 or 3 weeks which wasnt bad all things considering. I also paid using a Credit Card and did notice a conversation rate fee from my bank Im assuming and not the seed bank ($5-$9) a little upset about this. Most of the seeds germinated, some didnt and some did but i managed to over water them or mess them up during transplanting the seedling since i was using the towel and plates method compared to the rapid roots that ive been using with a lot higher success rate. The only issue I had with this bank was not knowing if the seeds I ordered from the breeders were actually those genetics or some other ones. Some did resemble what I ordered and others didnt (this could also be that most strains have 1 or more different gene varietys) I actually just attempted to germinate 5 seeds that I ordered from 2016 maybe even older and 4 of the 5 have germinated. So with a couple of years of growing experience and only getting my seeds from Bonza and growing over 15 different strains if not more from the 2 separate orders, I can say Im overall happy. Also, I asked for no Autos on my second order from them and they actually listened and included no autos but regular and some feminized.

ordered from these guys over 10 times into Qld really fast , 2 weeks no stuff AROUND abit dear though