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bonza seeds phone number

All orders are sent discreetly. When an order arrives we carefully package your seeds into individual CRUSH PROOF TUBES with are free from any DNA which could contaminate seeds.

UK = 100% Delivery success of all orders

What type of currency and payment do you accept?

How long will it take my Bonza Seeds order?

If ordering from outside of Europe we will package your seeds into crush resistant STEALTH packaging so your order will get to you in good time & in top condition

Please note that if you want to buy full packet quanities & would like to receive your seeds in the original breeders packaging please state this on the order comments section when placing your order so we can happily oblige!

Bonza Seeds believe in only offering the highest quality seeds which is why we have carefully selected only the cannabis seed brands available on our website. We want to make sure that you get the very best genetics & the highest quality, most viable seeds. We add new seed breeders seed ranges all the time but ONLY after they have met with our stringent quality requirements. There are 100s of cannabis seeds on to choose from, something for EVERYONES tastes so go check out our available seeds now!

When you place and pay for your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number & details of the ordered items. If you have any queries about your order, please quote your order number when contacting us. We will send you another e-mail containing your tracking details for your package

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This is one of the biggest marijuana seeds bank right now on the internet. They have stocked up more than 2500 cannabis strains in their labs.

You can pay by Bitcoins, Visa cards or Master Cards.

Bonza Strains Variety

You will not ger free delivery on your orders, and the prices are as follows:

Buying a few seeds of different kinds of strain is really efficient when using Bonza seeds. You can even order in bulk as well.

Hordes of people only come to you when you sell at a lower price than the average of the industry, and we think the Bonza company people have understood this very well.

I did not receive all the seeds I paid for. When I informed them, they basically told me that I was a liar because their seeds went through quality control and it was pretty much impossible for me to not have received them all. They acted like I was trying to rip them off. It was literally four seeds I was missing in an order of eight. Thats half my order. They would not do anything for me. They just continued to tell me I was wrong. I told them I would never buy from them again and left it at that after going back and forth several times with them trying to either get the seeds sent to me or my money back. Neither of which they would do. There was no winning. I wouldnt buy from them again if they were the only place left to buy seeds. Absolutely horrendous customer service.

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Seeds meant to be frisian duck grow into some non duck unknown auto, Bonza says not our problem contact the breeder. Chocoloupe also turns out unknown auto

guest United States, August 2018

I ordered lsd seeds 20 I have been growing for 30 years. and out of this order 3 seeds germinated.

Awesome selection with quick delivery and 100% germ. keep up the good work bonzer

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