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Especially those suffering from lack of appetite, nausea, and depression may benefit from adding the Bruce Banner strain to their backyard organic pharmacy.

Nothing beats inviting your friends over and having a good smoke from your home-grown cannabis. Aside from offering the freshest Bruce Banner seeds and additional products, Marijuana Seed Breeders isn’t just your average seed bank, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Do you need advice on selecting the right products? Are you new to growing feminized seeds and could you use a helping hand? We are happy to oblige! Between the 3 of us, we have over 30 years of experience and we cannot wait to help you grow your own buds. At Marijuana Seed we consider our customers our friends and we cannot wait to welcome you!

Smoking Bruce Banner weed will lift your spirits, replenish your energy, and makes you feel invincible A great strain to enjoy when you are going through difficult times and perfect to use if you have things on your plate for which you could use a mental “boost”.

Strain specifications Bruce Banner

The Sativa properties bring a powerful tingling head buzz that emerges rapidly. After a while the Indica elements induce a creative euphoria, balancing out the punch of the initial stone. All in all, Bruce Banner provides a relaxing body high accompanied by a powerful sedative effect that makes it very suitable for medicinal use.

Bruce Banner weed has a flowering time of about 8 to 10 weeks and is a truly magnificent sight to behold. The leaves show hues of purple and the big, luscious green buds with bright red pistols, which are covered in a glistening thick layer of trichomes once harvest time approaches.

4 years of intensive outdoor growing and further stabilization of the strain later, we considered the time was right to add her to our assortment and promote her worldwide as an unrivaled super outdoor strain.

The properties of her ancestors are beautifully reflected in both the early flowering of the OG kush as well as the mold resistance, compact bud structure, and complex flavor of the Hash plant x Strawberry diesel. This perfect intermixture also resulted in an impressive yield and a plethora of medicinal benefits.

However the CBD content is low, which means that the conditions for medical use are not ideal. The high feels incredibly euphoric, with strong creativity and a lift of the entire body mood. The level of energy is high making every day a pleasant one. Bruce Banner is very helpful against fear, depression, fatigue and sleeplessness, but it’s also good for pain relief.

For sativas- dominant genes, it’s deeply calming and offers a huge dose of THC: about 29 per cent in some studies (60:40 sativa/indica ratio). For those who want only the champions league THC strains, Burce Banner is definetly one to keep in mind. This plant can be seen as a holy grail of strains.

Her origins of Diesel and OG Kush can be seen in the sweet earthy aroma, diesel fragrance. Plants are flowering in eight to ten weeks. There are three major phenotypes of this strain, one being Bruce banner #3. We’ve created the Bruce Banner F2 with the #3 especially for the Southseeds line. This is a winner!

As a cultivator, you’ll find that growing Bruce Banner seeds is about medium in difficulty.

Bruce Banner seeds are potent powerhouses of medicinal value for a variety of ailments — especially those connected to stress, mood, and focus.
As hybrid with a slight sativa predominance (60% sativa) and notable CBD levels around the 1% mark, Bruce Banner weed has a long history of medical consumption in Colorado, California, and Oregon.
Use the Bruce Banner strain to treat conditions including:


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The Hulk isn’t exactly known for his looks, right? But Bruce Banner weed is, for sure.