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bulk cannabis seeds uk

We are keen to work with anyone who is interested in retailing or distributing the products we sell.

If you require assistance please submit a ticket via our help desk or if your query is less urgent email [email protected] Unfortunately we are currently unable to respond to telephone calls.


You will need to open an account on one of these websites, and once you are approved you will get access to the best wholesale cannabis seeds shop online!

We offer retailers:

If you have any questions at all about reselling any products you see on this web site please do not hesitate to ask us.

Whether you want to buy wholesale cannabis seeds to resell or are after bulk quantities for your personal collection, we have you covered. We have hundreds of popular marijuana genetics for sale, currently we are stocking both Feminized and Autoflowering strains. Both types of seeds are available to buy in wholesale quantities.

How we handle our Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Handling the seed correctly is absolutely imperative to keeping them viable for a long time as this stops them from expiring prematurely. We always wear gloves when handling our stock to ensure no moisture is left on the outer shell. This ensures a long shelf life for our marijuana seeds and keeps the end customer happy.

What makes our Wholesale Cannabis Seeds so great?

The more cannabis seeds you buy, the cheaper it gets! Why buy in small amounts for high prices when you can get stocked up for less?

Packaging Options
On a standard order of 50 seeds, without contacting us, you will receive all 50 in a single branded pack. However, if you message us for a custom quote we can arrange any number of sealed and branded packs with as little as 3 seeds per pack.

How we store our Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Often overlooked by many buyers and even some suppliers, storing cannabis seeds correctly is one of the most important parts of being an avid collector. There are a few golden rules that must be followed when storing away our bulk seeds to make sure that they remain viable for many years to come. Whenever you buy wholesale seeds from us, you can rest assured that several important storage practices have been followed since the birth of the seed!

We have a impressive range of the most commercial autoflowering and feminised cannabis strains : Northern light, Black Domina, White Widow, Og Kush, Amnesia, Nyc Diesel, Skunk, Blueberry and many more classic strains. Also, you will find some many goods hybrids from quality cannabis seeds banks in bulk : Afghan kush x Black domina, Afghan kush special, Lavender x Critical, Northern light x Super Skunk or Critical x White Widow.

Buy the best cannabis seeds in Bulk at wholesale prices in UK and Ireland. All our bulk cannabis seeds are feminized, so no worries about any males in your grow tent. Our bulk cannabis seeds can be bought in 100 units package. These seeds are high quality product so don’t worry about the germination rate or the yield.

Because the quality is the same, and you can keep the seeds for a close futur. You can also share with friends. All genetics is closely adapted for growing outdoor and indoor with artificial light like Hps lamps or cfl.

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