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buy australian bastard cannabis seeds

Nice thankyou for the info, but fuck csi Humboldt I ain’t paying 200 usd for 5 beans of ABC from America sent back to Australia. Anyone else see the lunacy in that.

Scroll down and don’t forget to look at subterfuge #1 on second page.

Im more along the lines of getting like half a hand full of beans from a guy in Australia for like a carton of beer tops. I mean it’s a feral type of bush weed.

Bean Busy

Scroll down and don’t forget to look at subterfuge #1 on second page.

I’ll put the shoe on the other foot so it’s tailored more to a American, your after some Mexican brick weed and I say check out this well known reputable Australian breeder there only charging 330 aud for 5 beans plus shipping. Your thinking I could probably just get some from Mexico seeing as that’s where it’s from.

ABC strain first set of leaves identical to regular cannabis, before the first true leaves appeared that differences became evident.

I’m always trying to curate and preserve these strains, not just create cool crosses though. In the rush to make high- THC hybrids in recent years, many unique strains and pure landraces have disappeared. I’ve been trying to track down a few more unique strains with little luck.

“Those leaves came out completely unlike the serrated leaf ”said Volcano. “In fact, there are no serrated edges on these leaves, they darker green and shiny, looking-they usually got no larger than two inches.”

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Has anybody ran into ABC, Dizzy, or Mongy Weed. It is some crazy stuff and is totally worth a quick google search to look at pics. Would love to get my hands on some if anybody has any information.

Im into breeding seed, especially strange varieties. I currently am working on a stable Snowryder X Ducksfoot strain (called Little Foot) that will, when it is done, reliably be webbed, autoflowering, and non- femenized- autos arent sold non- fem much anymore so I needed to breed my own automatic duck.

The weed smoked very clean, with a light, spicy flavor.

A few years ago in 1999 Cannabis Culture announced a different new strain of marijuana (CC#19, Grow Down Under), its very different looks and growth patter than what we are used, or we know as normal cannabis.

Did you know? Cannabis is an extremely successful plant species ever and grows all over the world. Wild hemp plants have been found naturally growing on every continent except Antarctica.

Note for breeders: The ABC leaf trait is recessive. That means a plant must receive the ABC trait from both parents for the trait to appear in the offspring. If you cross a pure ABC plant with a standard high-THC cannabis strain, chances are that every single plant of the first generation (F1) hybrids will have “regular” cannabis leaves (because the ABC trait is recessive). However, each of the F1 plants has one copy of the ABC genetic trait from their ABC parent, which means if you breed the F1 plants together, a percentage of the F2 hybrids will show the ABC characteristic. These can continue to be crossed and backcrossed with high-THC plants to retain the ABC leaf trait while improving the resulting flowers and yields over time. I made a quick explanation of recessive vs dominant traits as it relates to cannabis breeding if you’re interested in learning more.

I would love to grow one of these as a houseplant. Hidden in plain sight. For true lovers of the growing process!

The leaves from an ABC plant make ducksfoot strains look like normal cannabis plants!

I think the leaves are beautiful