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Blue Dream Autoflowering is a cannabis hybrid with a carefully citrus, woody scent that exhibits notes of citrus, cedar, sweet fruit and Haze in flavor. Its effect causes a socializing, clear, cerebral, powerful and long-lasting “high”. It is recommended for Haze lovers and people who demand quality.

Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, Zkittlez represents a new high for autoflowering cannabis. With exceptional flavor, unique appearance, and rapid growth, your Australian friends will be more than impressed and beg you to let them try the final production.

Autoflowers, with their short growing season, are ideal for cultivation in Australia as it is easily possible to enjoy multiple harvests each year. Bountiful sunshine allows autos to flourish and reap rich rewards, so if you are lucky enough to live Down Under, you might as well take advantage of the latest generation of high-quality autoflowering weed seeds.

Effects, taste and odor

Certain areas of the continent, such as Sydney, enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean-style climate all year round, averaging 340 sunny days a year. However, rainfall is scarce, so you’ll need to ensure your plants are well-watered. However, the temperature of these regions is almost perfect for growing cannabis – with average highs of 26℃ and a balmy low of 16℃.

As an autoflower with excellent and highly stable genetics, Critical Purple autoflower seeds are very straightforward to germinate and grow and thrive indoors, in soil or in a hydroponic setup. They take a long time to flower for an auto – as much as 94 days – but the resulting weed is definitely worth the wait. By the time you harvest, the bushy plants will have produced myriad buds full of recreational and therapeutic possibilities. You can expect 300 grams of weed per square metre indoors and approximately 350 grams per plant outdoors.

Zkittlez was created by crossing Afghan Kush Indica with Granddaddy Purple x Grapefruit hybrid. Zkittlez is Indica dominant. It induces a powerful but balanced effect, relaxing and cerebral. With its sweet flavors, this herb ensures incomparable relaxation and relieves pain, stress, insomnia and depression.

Blue Dream Autoflowering is a pleasant plant and very beautiful, thanks to its splendid purple / purplish tones. She performs well indoors, with plenty of lighting and nutrition. Outdoors, it does its best even in a temperate, dry, hot, Mediterranean or Australian climate or in the shelter of a greenhouse. We think she is a worthy representative of the feminized version.

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OZ seeds (Aussie Seeds) is Australia’s best cannabis seed bank employing the best cannabis breeder in Australia. He has worked with and learned from the top seed breeders in Canada, including 4 years at The Best Marijuana Seed Shop where they have the most advanced canabis genetics in the world. They breed the all of the top 10 world strongest strains and he has brought that knowledge back to the gentics here at OZ Seeds.

OZ Seeds creates cup killing strain Hazardous Creation Bud smashing the cup with her baseball bat shape. She’s from a powerful Royal lineage from a female Chemdawg crossed with a Platinum Kush x Tangerine Haze father. She tastes like fruit roll up’s that lingers on your tongue and during your exhale you’d swear it tastes like some tropical mixture of fruit punch, that’s what happens when you cross a Kush with a Haze. She’s a vigerous strain with uniform node spacing with the longest white hairs before turning golden amber. At harvest, her cola is the shape and size of a baseball bat. She’ll knock her head off and your friends witness it tumble down the rabbit where you’ll have an adventure of a lifetime. For dealers, she’s like a GOD for bringing more dough than any other strain. So if you see her for sale under her nick name Pot of Gold, be sure to catch her, because she’ll sell out in a moment.

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Seedlings may be sprouted indoors while the winter season transitions to spring. When the spring season begins a few weeks later, the marijuana plants can then be moved outdoors. Harvests typically start in March and run through May in regions with seasonal temperature changes.

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Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Australia

At the moment — there isn’t much in terms of selection when it comes to seed stores in Australia.

We know — the legality of buying, selling, possessing, and growing marijuana seeds in Australia is complicated.

Like most countries in the world, Australia’s history is loaded with strict cannabis laws.