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Even at the height of Colorado’s medical marijuana boom in 2011, however, the state topped out at 128,698 patients, a third of Oklahoma’s total, and just 2.5% of the state population.

But after being diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, the doctor told him to try cannabis. The cancer caused Moon to feel burning sensations in his hands and feet, but he realized that smoking and taking edibles would make the pain disappear.

Leaving Colorado for greener pastures

“Anyone with a dollar and a dream can get started in Oklahoma,” said Brent McDonald, marketing and sales director at Apothecary Farms/Apothecary Extracts, one of the many Colorado cannabis companies competing in what has quickly become a national marijuana arms race.

“Other states grow patches,” Baker said with a grin, taking in the 90-acre, 40,000-plant cannabis farm before him. “In Oklahoma, we grow fields.”

“I was trying to break into the scene, getting licenses, getting investors,” he said. “But Colorado real estate is god-awful expensive, the licenses are expensive. I kinda came up short in that realm.”

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a(1)

Middle English, from Old English wēod weed, herb; akin to Old Saxon wiod weed

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Definition of weed (Entry 3 of 3)

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What types of weed are there? There are two major types of weed , which are determined by the species of Cannabis plant they are derived from. While weed originally came from these two strains, there are now hundreds of other hybrid strains that are a mix of the two.

People who use marijuana will generally choose to use a type of weed based on the effect they want to have. While each type is known for its different effect, one person’s experience may vary greatly from another’s. The route of administration (i.e. smoking or eating) can also greatly influence the effect the type of weed will have.

Major Types of Weed and Effects

Not all weed is the same. Here are some general points related to the many different kinds of weed:

The following are a few of the common or coveted strains of weed and the effects they are known to have:

The main active ingredient in weed is the chemical Δ-9- tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC has psychoactive effects, meaning that it can alter mood, alertness, cognizance and cognitive functioning. Cannabidiol or CBD is also a large component of weed plants and has relaxation effects but does not have the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD is also thought to relieve pain.