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When purchasing from a reliable seed bank, you will (and should) expect the same strains to differ, in the least. However, they should still produce equal outcomes for your crop yield. Of course, there will be certain variations, but the product will be the one you paid for in general.

Weedseedsexpress offers a large inventory of products for you to choose from. This includes a wide range of CBD seeds, Feminized, and autoflower seeds. Since the business is based out of California, this gives residents the affordability and ease they are looking for when scouring the market for seeds.

Buying (Online) Overseas or From A California-Based Seed Bank?

We offer a guarantee that you will get what you paid for, your product is effective, and that it will arrive quickly. The service we offer is unparalleled, and our customer service experts are here to answer all of your questions and make sure you are getting the service and products you expect.

The range of seeds from a seed bank is unmatched. Customers can choose from strains that are specifically suitable for the Californian climate. Not all seed banks carry the strain you may be looking for, but you may be able to use a seed bank as a resource.

The purpose of this guide is to help you spend your money on a product you can stand behind. Your journey will start to grow from the ground up, just like your crop–starting with buying cannabis seeds.

What’s in a name? When it comes to Red Dwarf marijuana, little. This indica-dominant hybrid makes up for its low THC levels with an aromatic profile and deep relaxation.

Jet Fuel takes your mind to another dimension by blasting you with an abundance of ideas and thoughts. It’s a hard-hitting and fast-acting sativa hybrid.

Red Dwarf Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A-Train provides the ultimate stoned feeling with moments of laughter, giggles, and the munchies. Better have some snacks nearby!

Creamy like its namesake and just as delish, Gelato is a great high-THC option for when your on the hunt for relaxation that doesn’t bog down your mind. Beat back depression and anxiety, but be prepared for a bit of hard work during cultivation.

Complex in fragrance and effects, Jawa Pie marijuana is a heavily indica hybrid that boasts a boosted THC content and the abillity to deliver both clarity and physical relaxation in one fell, delicious swoop.

Below is a detailed list of the 5 best seed banks that will ship to the USA.

This Dutch company has been in business for over 20 years and sells a variety of seeds from feminized to outdoor, indoor, autoflowering, and more. They are known for their discreet shipping, where seeds are stored in random objects for confidentiality.

2. Crop King Seeds – Great variety of strains

The purpose of this review is to lay out the details of the top seed banks online.

This seed site is easy to use and offers loads of choices, from different seed types to germination guides. It is the perfect place to shop for beginner growers. Choose from high CBD strains, autoflower options, and more.