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CBD has created a buzz in the market, earning worldwide preference amongst daily skincare regimens. Want to get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes that make you look exhausted? Why not try CBD to reduce the appearance of unsightly bags and dark circles?


As we know, CBD is expanding its reach at every corner with its quality, new and efficient products. Many industries are targeting the use of Cannabidiol in new products. The increasing growth of CBD has evolved the beauty industry as well. It has become a natural as well as a most valuable source to maintain healthy skin.

Cannabis-based products like makeup kits, cleansers, and creams have increased in popularity among consumers. Because of this, many people are looking forward to utilizing CBD cream as an under-eye cream. Therefore, the question arises- Are they better than other under-eye creams? Are they effective? Is it safe to use as an under-eye cream?

We have brought all the information to clarify your doubts! However, there are some points to consider before employing CBD as an under-eye cream. One must explore the following know-hows about CBD Products in the beauty industry:


The revolution in the beauty industry began with CBD! How did we come across such an influential product? What is its actual definition? Cannabidiol is nature’s blessing, which comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Its capacity to treat various ailments seeks the attention of many researchers. Apart from being non-psychoactive, it fulfills many health desires due to the existence of unique health properties.


CBD has created a buzz in the market, earning worldwide preference amongst daily skincare regimens. The skincare industry has eased the process of utilizing CBD, and the cream form is a non-intoxicating product that offers healing properties and smoothens the skin. Emulsions and lotions are unique methods of Cannabidiol consumption that directly penetrate the skin. One gets relief from distress and inflammation with the help of CBD topicals. The utilization of these topicals as an under-eye cream provides the chance to overcome skin issues. It has soothing qualities that heal delicate skin areas. However, the query is: Should you employ CBD in under-eye creams? Do they exceed the benefit rate for our eyes?

Almost everyone suffers from dark circles, puffy eyes. Dehydration might be a reason behind these developments. Thus, Cannabidiol is the core solution for such challenges to protect our skin and prevent further damage. Most CBD cream is formulated in such a way that it can make the skin around your eyes much more healthy and firm.


CBD as an under-eye cream almost guarantees that most people could experience all the natural benefits without any offhand results. Let us discuss how CBD under eye cream improves our skin:

1. CBD cream can reduce eye puffiness and inflammation.

Dark circles, redness, eye puffiness are thought of worry for many people. Though many primary reasons lead to such consequences, the most likely symptom of such situations is the lack of sleep. An under-eye CBD cream can help to rejuvenate and heal the skin throughout the day. It will not let your skin experience pain and relaxes your restless eyes; It also calms your skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. By regularly using CBD Cream, you will get free from those horrible dark circles and puffy eyes.

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2. CBD Cream invests in younger skin .

As we know, antioxidant traits aim to excel in the healing capacity. CBD cream is quite powerful and acts as a dual booster covering the potency of both vitamin-C and vitamin-E. The antioxidative property of this cream combats and defends the free radicals. It anticipates and knits our skin from wrinkles and fine lines.

These skincare creams come with versatile ingredients like essential fatty acids that contribute to soft, plumpy skin and make one more youthful. Thus, a salve form can directly go inside the skin tissues. Our skin has a fascinating, absorptive nature that helps to regenerate nourishment in the skin.

3. CBD cream nourishes your skin and makes it firm .

Dryness can be irritating. Why does dryness occur? Seasonal changes(hot and humid temperature) are the prime cause of dry skin. CBD creams provide a considerable volume of moisture around the eyes. Thus, one can experience the restoration of hydration around the eyes. A little care with such topical products can make you free from troublesome creepy skin forever.

4. CBD cream can improve sleeping patterns

CBD cream application blooms external appearance without any compromise with internal health glow. One can experience better sleep by applying the cream under your eye. Insomnia or inadequate sleep is a severe disorder that has ruined the calm life of many people. Many people face nightmares and depressive tendencies due to lack of sleep. The proper utilization of cosmetics can cure such issues and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The CBD eye cream is interactive with our body’s Endocannabinoid system and relaxes our eyes from any stress. Since scientific researchers have discovered the anti-anxiety property inside these creams, they can induce a healthy lifestyle free from tension. All you require is the application of cream under the eye, and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Since it is effective and fast responsive, one can apply it at night for better sleep management.

5. CBD creams are hydrating.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, in conjunction with CBD, acts as a skin moisturizer. These creams are beneficial for everyone, irrespective of their skin type. The lack of moisture occurs due to the overproduction of sebum. Sebum is the secretion our body obtains from Sebaceous glands. Lack of sebum can make your skin sticky and oily. The greater the disbalance of sebum, the deeper it affects your skin. However, CBD cream tends to control oil production. They are non-comedogenic, and hence, it succeeds in providing appropriate moisture to the skin without clogging the pores.

Though CBD creams target multiple allergies and issues, the effects vary according to a person’s skin. Thus, one must consult a professional or skin specialist before practicing any cream at random. However, the Cannabidiol drug is suitable for most of the population and causes minimal harm.

As a precaution, one can do a patch test before utilizing any product on their skin under the eye. These creams act as a skin healer and moisturizer. Their anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are a boon to the skin industry. One can experience not only medicinal but also beautifying benefits through CBD cream. It acts as an anti-aging agent. Issues under the eye like eye puffiness, dull skin, dark circles are curable through this cream. The anti-inflammatory property of these topicals makes them safe for use under the eye.

This article was written by Alexandra Doherty, blogger and health advocate.

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before making any changes to your wellness routine.

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Can CBD reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles?

Sometimes bluish or purple, dark circles under the eyes are often linked to a hereditary problem or a poor lifestyle. Regardless of their origin, dark circles give you a dull, tired complexion that’s not always easy to deal with. Most people try to camouflage them with concealer to get a healthy glow, but for others, there are more natural and effective solutions. Thanks to cannabidiol (CBD), you may be able to regain an open, bright, and healthy look.

Indeed, hemp is a plant increasingly used in the cosmetics industry. And for good reason, its soothing, moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory effects make CBD a real beauty ingredient you won’t be able to live without.

Moisturizing cream, anti-dark circle roll-on gel, facial care. Even the biggest cosmetic brands are starting to market cannabis-based beauty products. Thanks to its protective and regenerative properties, CBD is an ideal natural substance to improve the quality of the skin. Find out in this article how CBD works on your skin, how it can reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, and how to use it properly for optimal results.

The appearance of dark circles

The eye area is a very sensitive area because the skin is extremely thin. As a result, signs of fatigue, stress and aging can easily be seen in your dark circles. There are many causes for the appearance of dark circles. They can be genetic in origin, or caused by a bad night’s sleep, stress, anxiety, a blood circulation problem, etc. To fight against unsightly dark circles, you must first determine their origin.

  • Blue circles: Blue circles are caused by a blood and lymphatic circulation problem. These circulation problems appear naturally with age or for hereditary reasons.
  • Brown circles: Also called pigmented circles, brown circles can appear due to a high production of melanin in the superficial layers of the epidermis. These dark circles are more common in people with dark skin.
  • Hollow circles: Finally, hollow circles result from the disappearance of fat between the skin and the orbital bone. The skin is so thin in this area that the orbital bone shows through the skin.

Beyond old age and family predisposition, dark circles can be caused by a poor lifestyle: lack of sleep, dehydration, alcohol, smoking, etc. All these bad habits can also lead to dark circles. All these bad habits can also lead to the appearance of bags under the eyes. These bags are filled with water and fat that accumulate and cannot be eliminated properly.

Although dark circles are not dangerous, they can be an indicator of poor health. In addition, purple circles or puffy bags under the eyes are not very aesthetically pleasing, and can even create complexes. If you’ve ever heard the remark about “looking small” or “dead skinned”, you know how much these dark circles can affect your self-confidence. Are you tired of wearing makeup to hide your dark circles? Why not turn to a simpler and more natural method?

The effects of CBD on dark circles

To fully understand how CBD works on dark circles, you just need to understand how it works on the skin. Indeed, CBD has multiple virtues very beneficial for the skin, and therefore for the dark circles. From a dermatological point of view, CBD is very useful because it acts naturally on damaged cells, as well as on healthy cells.

Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you relieve and deflate the dark circles under your eyes. In fact, this is why CBD is increasingly being used in cosmetic products, as its anti-inflammatory action helps to soothe irritation and reduce the appearance of redness and puffiness.

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The antioxidant properties of CBD

CBD is a powerful and natural antioxidant that helps fade the signs of stress, fatigue, aging, and even smoking. These antioxidant properties are essential to prevent fat oxidation and promote healthy blood circulation.

The anti-aging properties of CBD

CBD is also known for its anti-ageing action which helps to slow down the ageing of the skin. It prevents wrinkles and dark circles that could appear with age, and reduces the marks that are already present. Protective and regenerative, CBD is ideal for keeping a fresh complexion and a youthful glow.

How to use CBD to remove dark circles?

Local application of CBD

To enjoy the benefits of CBD on your dark circles, it is advisable to use a CBD-based cream, oil or gel to apply directly under your eyes. If you can’t find CBD cosmetics, you can purchase CBD oil and incorporate a few drops into your current products. Applied topically in the morning and evening for several weeks, CBD will begin to gradually improve the appearance of your dark circles. To boost blood circulation and avoid water retention problems, gently massage your CBD cream or oil around your eyes.

Consumption of CBD oil, resin or flower

If your dark circles are causing sleep disturbances, you might as well fight the problem at the source by consuming CBD in ways other than topical application. For example, you can infuse, ingest, or vaporize CBD to relax on a daily basis, eliminate stress, and get quality sleep. This way, you will sleep deeply and wake up looking better. You will no longer be able to tell that stress and fatigue are showing on your face!

CBD, your new beauty ally

For some time now, CBD has been all the rage among the biggest cosmetic brands. Perfect for fighting the first signs of aging, reducing blemishes, and regulating excess sebum, CBD is your skin’s new beauty ally. In addition to offering many benefits, CBD is a natural product, entirely respectful of your skin. Unlike the creams you are used to buying in supermarkets or drugstores, CBD-based products do not contain any chemicals that are potentially harmful to your health. Only the positive effects of hemp are offered to you with cannabidiol!

How long does it take for dark circles to disappear completely with CBD?

From the very first applications of CBD, you will be able to see an improvement. That said, you need to apply your products regularly to make the effects last and optimize the results. Incorporate CBD into your new beauty routine today, and you will already see a difference after 1-2 weeks of use.

What are the other benefits of CBD on the skin?

CBD’s action is not limited to aging skin and the appearance of dark circles. CBD is just as effective in promoting the healing of burns and wounds, relieving insect bites and itching, limiting eczema and psoriasis, and even fighting pimples and blackheads. It is for all of these reasons that CBD is becoming so popular in the beauty, wellness, and cosmetic industry.

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