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cannabis seed cracker tool

This will be enough to make a lot of tiny scratches on the protective outer layer of the shell, allowing moisture to get inside much more easily.

With old weed seeds, your favourite germination technique, such as the paper towel method or the straight-into-the-medium method, may not work. The reason is simple—these techniques don’t provide enough moisture to penetrate the hardened outer shell.

Please note that, besides poorer germination rates, old cannabis seeds also take longer to sprout. So, how long exactly does it take to germinate old cannabis seeds? While fresh seeds usually germinate in 1–3 days, older beans routinely take as long as 7–10 days or even more. So, be patient, and, if the seed remains dormant, try one of the tricks described above—starting with the least invasive one. It’s also best to try them one after another, as opposed to all at the same time.

4. Remove the Ridge

This procedure is similar to cracking because you’re forcefully opening the seed—not by applying pressure this time, but by using a sharp knife. Please consider this a last resort—suitable only when all else fails.

Another method of making the outer shell more penetrable is scarification, and the most straightforward way to do this is to use sandpaper. Take a matchbox and line its inside with sandpaper, or roll a piece of sandpaper into a tube. Then, place the seeds inside and shake them for a minute.

The problem with these stimulators is that you never know the correct dosage. The information shared on marijuana forums is anecdotal, and legitimate studies have only been performed on other crops. So, if you decide to use any of these additives, do some research or ask other growers, and always err on the side of caution.

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The ridge is quite prominent on the seed. It connects the two halves of the outer shell, and when the embryo pushes against them, it’s this ridge that cracks. However, in older seeds, it’s too hardened by time and needs to be cut off.

I’ve just placed 4 pot seeds between wet cotton disks.

The good news is that you can do the same with your teeth just as easily!

72 hours (3 days) have passed, and the last seed to crack is also the strongest. The seeds that were cracked have crooked and somehow yellowish tap roots.

Cannabis Seed Cracker: Is It Really Necessary?

After 60 hours, the situation has changed in favor of unckracked seeds. A least, the one in the bottom-right corner seems to be the winner.

In my little experiment, I used 4 seeds of my OG Kush Auto that I’ve created myself. For some reason or other (because these feminized seeds were made by self-pollination maybe?), these beans are not very quick, especially if the room temperature is low, like it is now – 65-68 °F (18-20 °C). Let’s see if cracking makes any difference.

Just firmly hold the seed with your finger tips, with the ridge positioned vertically and the pointy end facing outward. Gently bite on it with your teeth until you hear it crack. Then use your favorite germination method.

After 36 hours, 2/2 of the cracked seeds and 1/2 of the uncracked (the one on the left) have shown tap roots.

Also the soaking in water can be good, it can do some harm if your tap water or whatever has toxins in it. I perfer like Arrowhead or other Mt. Spring water, they have no chem and good trace minerals.

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after i wait for like seven days i get into scarcification of seeds i feel like ther is nutin to lose and sumtin to gain
most tmes it improves rate of germ
i normally split at seam wit razor crack off pieces of shell and sandpaper sumtimes i try all kinds of tricks i might try plyers next time

I am having issues with popping ATM I had like 6 or 7 from this batch i have pop just fine now the next 10 literally are like all 3-5 days inside with warmer temps and no popping, I cut into 2 just to see, inside you can see the baby bundles and tap developed slightly. This makes me wonder if the bun in the oven just takes a tad longer or maybe the shell was 2 hard and towel not wet enough.

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Also the towel has to be wet, I mean soaking wet, not dripping but soaking, you do not want a puddle but moister, it helps it soak through the shell and makes it easier for the tap to absorb.

Hum what else. I have bad luck on my last batch of 10 first time in years, my guess the towels were not wet enough and I may have had toxins on my fingers or the shells where to hard.

Ok first and foremost, killing them with a little to much, well first you woulda seen a taproot, i mean the shell needs to soak up water, and then a tap comes, so to kill them unless they are rotted or mushy you didnt kill them odds are the just are hard ass shells and havent received enough water.

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whatever technech you use try not to damage the inside embrio of seed
good luck