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cannabis seed database

Here you will find excellent strains, awarded onto the most famous cannabis festivals in the world.

Here in the database area you can display all known varieties of cannabis, sorted and classified by various criteria. For even more filters and options, please use our Advanced Search.

The 42 latest additions in our database we list separately. Also there is a small toplist of the most frequently clicked varieties and ones with the best user reviews.

Cannabis Cup Winner

Here you find all the manufacturers of cannabis-seed we have stored into our database. Including homepages, as well as a short information about most of this breeders. And you will see – naturally – for each single seed-bank a proper list with all the strains!

Here you will find all the cannabis-strains in the SeedFinder database! You are able to list our strains in alphabetical order, you can look out only for "CloneOnly"-Strains, legendary varieties, automatic flowering strains or pure local breeds.

You miss a cannabis variety in our database? Or a breeder? Or you want to help with the translation of missing strain-descriptions? Click here to suggest varieties, breeder or changes.

With the help of our Cannabis Strain Cloud you are able to select varieties with a special taste, aroma or effect – and to find simliar strains very easy! Including nice piecharts for every strain!

To find a strain via its parents you can use our lineage- and hybrid search. We also create HybridMaps to browse through the descendants of any cannabis strain into our database!

Click here for a much more detailed strain search and also get a lots of filters, a search for prices, shops, flowering times, heritage, autoflowering strains and much more.

Aroma, Taste & Effect

SeedFinders ThreadFinder collects strain-related threads out of a lots of forums. Here you can find all this threads, ordered by strains, forums, languages and so on.

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If you are a seed bank or breeder please reach out. We only accept seed samples in certified mail. At current we can only get accurate DNA mapping with a pretty decent amount of sample material. So we grow seed out to around 5 weeks. Obviously like most start-ups we are limited by space and funding. Please be patient. We can only grow out a limited amount of strains but will scale up very quick as we work out some logistic

The spotlight is now on Cannabis in a way never seen before. The exponential speed of knowledge we have gained over the last decade will pale in comparison to what’s to come. As we throw a genomics net over every cannabis sample we can find. We are sure to gain insight and correlations provable by science. The days of a the extent of the linage of a strains going back to a bag of seed form a grateful dead concert are coming to a close. This seems like a harsh reality to most. Part of the rich culture of the cannabis community is the legends that have come about over the years. Seems like the cold hard inevitability of science might jeopardize some of these legends. We see it differently. DNA mapping will ultimately confirm these amazing stories of Cannabis innovation and innovators throughout history. What was once word of mouth urban legends will evolve to pages on a history book.

We have a very simple initiative to map and verify the genetics of EVERY Cannabis strain available on the open market and newly developed upcoming strains .We want to see the story of “Cannabis” to unfold from a vantage point never before seen. The Cannabis Genome Database will tell us the TRUE story of how EVERY single strain evolved and how they correlate to one another. Early genetic analysis have confirmed the cannabis industry is full of irregularity from products you buy from regulated counters to the seeds you order online from your favorite seed bank.

We are seeing a rise in mislabeled or blatant bad actors selling seeds that grow out to be completely false from what was described/purchased. Our directory can solve these issues once in for all by a simple pass or fail for these seed distributors. If the genome does not match the DNA profile “Molecular genetics “ by at least 80% it is not the strain you purchased. The pass or fail percentage average will go to 95%-99% as the Cannabis Genomics Database grows and more concrete baseline variables are validated .Some people in the Cannabis community have spent their entire lives developing strains. DNA mapping and verification will allow us to make sure they can be validated and recognized.

Strain development tools

With the huge resource brought about from the Cannabis Genome Directory we will go beyond verification. With a drag and drop strain builder using variables from different strains to experiment to create simulations of a new strain