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cannabis seeds ebay

Give the item number instead of a link, atleast it’ll take us there with a simple copy n paste

Not a chance I’d buy beans from ebay.
Seems to be plenty seed banks with good reps recommended on here although I’ve little experience with em

idk if this is new or what after finding out attitude seed bank will no longer accept my bank card im looking for other sites is this legal or what?? anyone done this yet
they say 100 for 5 pack tga seeds? anyone seen this id share link but idk i cant


number 1. don’t fucking buy illegal things from amazon or ebay. just don’t.
number 2. 100 bucks for 5 seeds is fucking ridiculous.
number 3. who you gonna bitch to when you get 5 bunk seeds that may be weed, if they ever germinate.

these are reputable suppliers with MUCH better prices, usually a few freebies with an order. and they guarantee delivery, as long as you pay a little extra, which is well worth it imo

Well, if I wanted to make some money and didn’t give a fuke I would grow out whatever males and females I could come up with, collect a couple of thousand seeds, and then sell them on ebay as bodhi, tga, hso, or whatever other strains seem to be hot. I’d probably auction them on IG also.

has anyone bought any of these listed as hemp seeds but claiming to be females, of regualar marijuana?

I started looking a noticed some of the sellers have bought hemp seeds in the past and made me wonder if there just listing them as regular marijuana when in fact there just hemp??


I just checked. Seeds shipped this morning.

I’d get $50 a pack, but charge $30-$40. Plus a padded shipping fee.

You can also visit them on their website You get a little better deal there and it probably is better for the seller also.

Got a link to there items for sale? Apppreciate it Id check them out aswell

Seed Selection and Quality

Autoflowers don’t need lots of nutrients because they’re little and do not invest much time in the vegetative cycle. They will not require as much veg nutrientssuch as nitrogenbut will need more flower nutrients. CBD, or cannabidiol, is among the chemical componentsknown collectively as cannabinoidsfound in the cannabis plant. Over the years, human beings have picked plants for high-THC material, making marijuana with high levels of CBD uncommon. The genetic paths through which THC is manufactured by the plant are different than those for CBD production. Cannabis used for hemp production has actually been chosen for other qualities, consisting of a low THC material, so as to comply with the 2018 Farm Costs.

Some popular fem seeds are: OG Kush, Haze, Afghan, GSC (Cookies) Skunk, Cheese, Gelato (Sunlight Seeds/i, Stock) Autoflowering seeds are likewise popular with starting growers. They are simple to grow since you don’t need to stress over light cycles and just how much light a plant receives. Many marijuana plants begin blooming when the amount of light they get on a day-to-day basis lowers. Outdoors, this occurs when the sun begins setting earlier in the day as the season turns from summer season to autumn. Indoor growers can control when a plant flowers by lowering the daily amount of light plants get from 18 hours to 12 hours – autoflower feminized seeds.

What Are Feminized Seeds

This is achieved through numerous techniques: By spraying the plant with a service of colloidal silver, a liquid containing tiny particles of silver, Through an approach understood as rodelization, in which a female plant pressed past maturity can pollinate another woman, Spraying seeds with gibberellic acid, a hormone that triggers germination (this is much less common) The majority of experienced or industrial growers will not utilize feminized seeds because they just consist of one set of genes, and these should never be used for breeding purposes – autoflowering cannabis seeds. Nevertheless, a lot of starting growers begin with feminized seeds due to the fact that they eliminate the concern of needing to handle male plants.

Cannabis is grown from one of two sources: a seed or a clone. Seeds carry hereditary info from 2 moms and dad plants and can reveal several mixes of characteristics: some from the mom, some from the father, and some traits from both. In industrial cannabis production, normally, growers will plant numerous seeds of one stress and pick the very best plant. They will then take clones from that individual plant, which enables consistent genes for mass production. autoflowering seeds for sale. If marijuana is legal in your state, you can purchase seeds or clones from a local dispensary, or online through different seed banks.

As interest in CBD as a medicine has grown, many breeders have actually crossed high-CBD hemp with cannabis. These strains have little or no THC, 1:1 ratios of THC and CBD, or some have a high-THC content along with significant amounts of CBD (3% or more). Seeds for these varieties are now widely readily available online and through dispensaries. It must be noted, nevertheless, that any plant grown from these seeds is not guaranteed to produce high levels of CBD, as it takes numerous years to develop a seed line that produces constant outcomes – feminized weed seeds. A grower looking to produce cannabis with a particular THC to CBD ratio will need to grow from an evaluated and proven clone or seed.

Growing from seed can produce a stronger plant with more solid genes. Plants grown from seed can be more hearty as young plants when compared to clones, mainly since seeds have a strong taproot. You can plant seeds directly into an outdoor garden in early spring, even in cool, wet environments. If growing outside, some growers prefer to germinate seeds within due to the fact that they are fragile in the beginning stages of development. Indoors, you can provide weed seedlings extra light to help them along, and then transplant them outside when big enough. A lot of seeds that you will purchase are routine seeds as described above, however here are a couple more types.