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However, there’s a lot more to consider than the weather when you want to grow cannabis in Germany.

While you might already know Northern Light is a classic strain, you might not have known that it’s especially mould-resistant.


Rainfall becomes even less frequent around this time, but root rot and overwatering can still be an issue. If you’ve still got some sunlight and warmth where you are, feel free to let your plants grow a bit longer to max out your yield.

Besides monitoring weather conditions, damage prevention is the name of the game. Keep pulling out weeds that soak up the soil’s nutrients, keep an eye out for pests, and start looking out for wildlife if you’re in a rural area. Even a simple fence around the grow area can prevent an unwitting red fox or wild boar from ruining your plants.

Before we can start talking about how to grow cannabis in Germany, we have to discuss whether it’s legal. So. is it? Well, yes and no. Speaking recreationally, cannabis is still illegal, but it’s classified as an Anlage III substance.

But what is a “small amount of Cannabis in Germany”? This depends on the federal statewhere we are. Also, it is power and weight determines too which quantity is small and intended for self-consumption and which is not. For example, an amount of 7.5 grams of marijuana with THC or less would be considered small amounts of marijuana in Germany.

On the other hand, many patients reflect how complicated it is to get prescriptions for medical marijuana in Germany. Many professionals are skeptical about marijuana treatment and the poor image of marijuana in many sectors of society complicates the situation.

Possession and Use of Marijuana in Germany

The legal situation for marijuana growing in Germany is just as restrictive as for use or possession. This is why growing marijuana in Germany is usually illegal. However, as other EU countries, due to the high demand for recreational and medical cannabis, almost a hundred marijuana producers have already applied for a license and some of these requests are being treated.

As for marijuana possession in Germany, it is regulated by the so-called “small amount of Cannabis“. By carrying a small quantity of marijuana, the user can justify that it is his own private use and will not market to others.

In addition, the penalties can be increased to 15 years’ imprisonment depending on a number of aggravating factors. These include supplying large quantities, selling marijuana to minors, using weapons or even belonging to an organized gang.

The legal highs were banned in UK this year , I tryed a synthetic cannabis one and got in a rite mess , people I knew are dead , its been 18 mths since I touched anything like that , its nothing like weed if weed was legal no one would buy that other rubbish

A truly comprehensive hemp agency shall concern itself with far more than the creation and maintenance of health and security through capital alone

The legal status of CBD is a complicated subject which is currently changing so rapidly, it is difficult to keep track of! I recommend that you begin with the Deutsche Hanfverband (German Association for Cannabis, roughly translated) who should hopefully be able to give you the information you are looking for. Sorry I can’t directly answer your question, and in the meantime, I hope that you continue to enjoy our blog.

Attitudes to cannabis

It’s an issue that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Politician Marlene Mortler (Christian Social Union) proposed a new system instead; giving offenders the choice of either paying a fine or receiving help from experts. However, with some countries in Europe (and other parts of the world) decriminalising personal use of cannabis entirely, there’s a possibility that Germany may follow suit.

Hemp cultivation was made illegal in 1982. However, this ban only lasted fourteen years. In 1996, hemp growth was permitted again – largely due to widescale protests from farmers, scientists and enthusiasts.

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