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Here, we’ll look at the easiest ways to find weed seeds in the London area, and we’ll also examine the best varieties to grow in the UK’s capital city.

This highly productive, fast-growing strain yields impressively high-quality cannabis in just 60 days of flowering. Perfect for cooler climates, this easy to grow and resilient strain produces resinous buds with a plesant citrus aroma and lemon taste.

Are You Interested In Growing Weed in London?

If you need to find cannabis seeds in London, you might be surprised by how tricky it is to actually go into a store and buy them in person. Yes, it’s true that buying marijuana seeds isn’t illegal anywhere in the UK (just as long as you aren’t growing them!) However, that doesn’t mean that you can just pop to your local supermarket and pick up a pack!

As you would expect in such a large city as London there are quite a few head shops where you can buy cannabis seeds in person. However, because of the sheer expanse of the Greater London area, it’s often best to just rely on finding seeds for sale over the internet instead. As long as you choose a reputable and reliable supplier like Herbies Seeds, you can not only benefit from your purchase being delivered direct to your door, but you’ll also be able to buy discreetly with your credit card from an enormous variety of top seed bank varieties – far more than you’d find in any local head shop! It’s easy to see, then, why Herbies should be your top choice when you’re looking for cannabis seeds in London!

Ideal for outdoor growing even in the UK, this compact hybrid is a fast grower which makes it perfect for stealth thanks to its stocky, compact size. Resilient and heavy-yielding, it covers all your bases.

Lots of Londoners buy their cannabis seeds online. But if you want to buy cannabis seeds in London, then the following retailers may be worth checking out!

Cannabis is freely available in the London area even though it remains illegal. In 2021 Lord Mayor Sadiq Khan announced an independent drugs commission will investigate the potential health, economic and criminal justice benefits to decriminalising cannabis in the Greater London area. Maybe Londoners will pave the way for the rest of the UK!

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Where to buy cannabis seeds in London?

With one of the better UK climates for outdoor growers, Greater London is home to many successful outdoor growers. Autoflower seeds will grow very well, often planted outdoors in mid/late May (preferably with a preceding week or two of indoor growth under 24 hour light). Many Londoners grow a few autoflower plants on a patio, in their garden, a greenhouse or the countryside.

The London climate is good enough to consider growing a few photoperiod strains too, they should reach harvest around late September or early October.

HiFi 4G, crafted for maximum THC levels with elite USA genetics.

London growers enjoy a milder climate than many other areas in the UK. That allows the choice of a wide selection of outdoor feminised seeds and autoflower strains for the guerrilla growers. But most London growers tend to cultivate their crops indoors.

Perfect for beginners and novice gardeners to experience the easiest way of growing beautiful buds!

Each year the cannabis community holds various festivals and gatherings at which cups and prizes are awarded to the finest cannabis strains and hybrids.

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Our marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds) are developed by the best and most experienced breeders with each strain rigorously hand checked and tested before being available to purchase, ensuring each bean meets our high standards, plus they have a 90% germination rate if germinated correctly. It’s the genetic stability in a marijuana seed (cannabis seed) that can be the difference between a successful crop and one that yields lesser results, so it’s important you trust the seeds you buy. Our marijuana seed genetics have been honed and perfected over the years and our catalogue now boasts some of the finest and most stable seed collections available anywhere.

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Feminized seeds are bred to grow as a female cannabis plant and be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers.