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cannabis seeds pictures

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Hemp seeds and hemp oil on wooden table. hemp essential oil in small glass bottle. cannabis oil cbd.

Hemp seeds on a plate and in a sieve on a gray blue stone

Macro photos of marijuana plant with leaves and seed on the side before harvesting. The cannabis plant close up view. Plant of marijuana medical use with a high content of CBD

Cannabis seedling growing on a cube isolated over white background

cannabis hemp seed

Germination of cannabis hemp seed

Cannabis research, Cultivation of marijuana (Cannabis sativa), flowering cannabis plant as a legal medicinal drug, herb, ready to harvest

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case we would say that it is worth a thousand scents, because when it comes to a Skunk, we know how it smells, and how strong. This is why we loved this shot sent in by @michiganmademeds. We know what it means to have a room full of svelte Pineapple Skunk plants, resulting in the invasion of a tell-tale aroma of lemon, Skunk and fresh flowers. Looking at this picture, we dreamt of that broad spectrum of ripe fruit, pine, lemon, Skunk and slightly peppery spices. Thanks for this aromatic journey, and happy harvesting.

Buds like this are why we love the flowers of the happiness plant more than anything else. That fine, resinous snow that envelopes the bud is something that makes us dream. @phat_mac_indo has brought out the best of this Truthband by Emerald Mountain: getting that magic dust, whose strong and lasting effect produces a cerebral and physical sensation that connects you with other worlds. We know that this flower is a special snow transporting one to magical universes.

Seeing this image, we were transported to a tropical dimension. Even though this is a 100% California plant, these mysterious colours and enigmatic shapes took us to exotic places. Doesn’t this Black Dog look like a creature straight out of some distant universe? The magic of this specific plant probably has everything to do with the great experience of its grower. We know that when @biovortex is growing, the quality of the plant multiplies. Might the same be true of the relaxation it induces? We’d like to think so.

The invasive scent of Pineapple Skunk

The Blue Dream by @growergaz seduced us with its sturdy branches and compact buds. Long, firm and tough flowers that delight the senses. This already-pruned flower suggests the intense sensation it will deliver in our mouths. It’s bound to pack a potent and surprising flavour, dominated by tinges of lemon, pine, incense, sweet fruit, and Haze. After the explosion on the palate, a powerful and lasting effect follows, producing a clear and stimulating sensation that goes straight to the brain.

We were delighted to learn that at @sacredootsfarms they use ladybugs, and not pesticides, to ward off parasites. We love to see that there are farms that grow organically, without altering nature, and obtain optimal results. We always stress that pests can be combated with other living things that do not damage the ecosystem of the place where your plants are being grown, and we are elated to know that you are also going with organics.

@pastassaurus_rex has turned this Amherst Sour Diesel into a genuine work of art. The light and shine of these trichomes stunned us. The vividness of the resin and mysterious colours achieved by this grower are positively mesmerising. With this photo we can almost smell the intense aroma of this Sativa all the way from here. Is its effect as stimulating and long-lasting as the aroma we imagine? We bet it is.

We love to see growers getting those red and purple shades when cultivating Blueberry Headband. Without any doubt, @violetviolator did quite a job exposing the plant to low night-time temperatures during its flowering, and brought out the very best in this Blueberry Headband, furnishing it with a truly unique chromatic majesty. This genetic was created to offer you potency, aroma, taste and production in the best way possible, and we trust that @violetviolator has borne witness to all this.