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cannabis seeds uses

The super seeds also taste delicious as patties in a veggie burger.

Cold-pressed hemp oil provides an unusually large number of healthy fatty acids and spices up salad dressings, smoothies or soups. Since the hemp oil heats up very quickly and develops smoke, it is not suitable for frying.

The seeds can be used in many ways. They can give dishes an additional flavour and can also be consumed raw. Because the small seeds contain a variety of nutrients, they can be an optimal dietary supplement for people who need a higher nutrient intake.

What are the calories?

You can even use the peeled seeds to prepare your hemp milk, which is entirely safe for consumption.

For some years now cannabis seeds have been easy to purchase, alongside the likes of chia and flax seeds. The small seeds are claimed to be healthy and have virtually no side effects. Here’s what you have to consider when consuming the seeds.

Due to the high protein content and the numerous trace elements and proteins, they help the muscles to regenerate and promote muscle growth.

However, desserts are also made with cannabis seeds. Fruit bars that contain hemp seeds as an ingredient are often found in stores.

Weed seeds and cannabis oil contain all the nutrients necessary for the immune system to develop active antibodies. Hemp-based foods also provide the most effective antioxidant ever discovered by humans, vitamin E.

Finding the best cannabis seeds

It has been discovered that cannabis seeds have excellent nutritional properties, as well ground pressed to harvest its oil, or eaten as is. And as if it were not already exceptional, the leaves of the plant also have nutritional and medicinal properties!

It is a robust and rough fiber like a rope can be but can be processed to be softer than cotton. Besides being potentially softer than cotton, it is a much more snag-resistant fabric.

Its best-known use for its resistance has been the textile industry where the resistant fibers of industrial hemp have been transformed into ropes, T-shirts, pants … Hemp and cannabis have also been used in plumbing to limit water losses, etc.

Biofuel made from weed seed oil is also easier to manufacture than petroleum. With cheaper processes than with petroleum, it is simple to transform hemp seed oil into diesel, although its composition makes it burnt out like boiler room heating oil. On the other hand, it is a little heavier than the heating oil in question, and it contains a minimum quantity of methanol which converts it into very high-quality fuel.

Cannabis seeds can bring you other benefits than its resistant and flexible fibers. They can also be transformed into fuel.

Cannabis seed effects

Healthy cannabis seeds

In conclusion cannabis seeds have many beneficial properties and we hope that over time they will be more appreciated and marketed, so that more people can easily include them in their daily diet. It is now easy to find them online as on the Sensoryseed shop and we hope that over time they will become more and more known by lovers of healfy food.

4. Cannabis seeds improve memory

Cannabis seeds provide more energy if 4 tablespoons of raw hemp seeds are eaten with fresh fruit in the morning, productivity and the ability to concentrate increase.