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cannabisseedsforsale com review Seedbank is the Cannabis Seed For Sale company that was established in 2013 in the United Kingdom and has managed to give itself a place as one of the top seed banks in the world. The 420 seed bank ships to countries all over the world and provides payment options for many people who want to make a purchase.

They have various categories like indoor and outdoor seeds, feminized and autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, cup winners, medical strains, Sativa, Indica, Strongest and even a pack for beginners. has a chart for best sellers so that people can make decisions based on what other customers are taking. They also cater to mixes and have clearance sales that have giveaways for their customers.

Their budget packs cater to customers on a budget, ensuring that even with a small amount of money they have they can still get high-quality seeds. They cater to both wholesalers and retailers so if you want to redistribute or grow on a large scale, this is one bank you want to consider. Their seeds are high quality but are still dependent on where they have been sourced from.

The founder is large in investing in high-quality seeds for his clients. During the time they took to build up, research and customer feedback have helped them evolve into the giant that they have become. Their packages include Standard, Stealth or Extra Stealth. The first contains breeder packaging while the other two have no detailing of where the package comes from, offering the discreetness that people want. Their shipping differs from one to seven days depending on the location of the client.

Their quality checks ensure that even if they are gotten from a third party, their customers receive only the best. They work with reliable suppliers like Barneys Farm, Nirvana Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds and many others.

Payment was easy, first lot never arrived, i companied, resent but tracking only left UK, then wrote email asking about delivery, NO REPLY, send three emails NO REPLY. Money taken No order arrived.
Unfortunately this is the same storey my friend has told me.
Stay away from this company.

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guest Australia, August 2020

CannabisSeedsForSale – is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

Price keeps going up when trying to confirm an order through Coin Wallet. First time bit coin account set up just to make this one order of approximately $80. $136 in bitcoin purchases made and getting nothing in return but inflated price hikes.

I have transferred $190.35 18/09/2020, $223.73 19/09/2020, $77.19 20/09/2020, $490.27 13/11/2020 , but so far not received, and it is impossible to contact supplier who seems to have no trace of my orders. I am totally disappointed and unhappy , and I appear to have been taken for about $981.19 overall in orders … that is not good , If I had a phone number I would ring to investigate , but no phone number provided ……. HELP.

currently it takes 3 or 4 mins to pay by credit card over paypal, so they offer 30percent discount AND free seeds for the hassle. 8 day delivery time. great service. i ordered second order the day after the first arrived

Ordered 1 seed with stealth shipping, received 3 seeds and a gift ?

Great service had problems with credit card got email help promptly all was fixed and easy will use again all beans sprouting

guest New Zealand, April 2017

I love this place. They are amazing. Always friendly. Freebies are amazing. Attitude doesnt hold a candle. Doc ky green thumb.

First of all I placed an order for three Nirvana papaya seeds and did not receive the correct seeds. Well, at this point in time I have only germinated one seed and it is most definetely not papaya. Im not expecting the other two to be papaya either but you never know. To those familiar with this strain it is an Indica dominant strain. The plant that sprouted has thin leaves not broad leaves that are characteristic of Indicas. Second, I was promised two bonus seeds which I did not receive. Not sure if these two errors were purposely or accidentaly done, doesnt matter at this point. It wasnt very much money so to me its not worth the hassle of trying to work something out. I just simply wont order from them again. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth though. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess. At least it wasnt a big order like other negative feedback posts on this site. I wasnt going to post but was encouraged by some friends so that hopefully no one else gets duped this way.

Was great, Now 9 out of 10 seeds never germinated, sprouted like it had birth defects, or grew to 3-4 inches then stopped, like the petrified forest

This was my 3rd purchase. All 3 have arrived in 14 days without any drama. I will continue to shop with them and and suggest that if you have had problems with other
suppliers, give them a try you wont be disappointed.