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charlotte’s web cannabis seeds

Charlotte’s web feminized seeds will evolve into a wonderful cannabis plant where the CBD level is 19% and the THC 19%. Although the genetics are unknown it’s a Sativa dominant plant, 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and thrives very well in polar, temperate, Mediterranean and arid climates. Growing it SOG/SCROG may be applied to this marijuana plants.

The grow difficulty of the Charlotte’s web plant is: beginner, this weed specie has a medium mold resistance and an average flowering time of 60 days to 70 days (9 weeks to 10 weeks). Growing this gorgeous strain indoors, it will reach a height of 50 cm to 80 cm and it will yield up to 400 gram per square meter. Growing it outdoors, the Charlotte’s web plant height lies between 80 cm to 120 cm and the cannabis plant will yield 400 gram/m2 to 500 gram/m2. The weed of the Charlotte’s web thick buds has the following taste which can be best described as earthy, lemon, pine and woody. The effects when consuming the Charlotte’s web are by many considered as following: energetic, focused, happy and relaxed.

The marijuana plant has always been medicinal. It HAS been tested way more than ANY FDA Approved commercial drugs that have statistically been proven to kill people.

Cannabis seeds and their multiple strains have been around for thousands of years. Breeders have been designing new strains (hybrids) since the discovery of the plant itself. These non-original strains were developed for any number of reasons, including medical experimentation and even fun.

Medical Marijuana Seeds

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You may never have heard of it, but that should not scare you from trying it and seeing if there is any (increased) relief to you personally.

Medical marijuana seeds: Where did that term come from?

Millions of individuals face mental and physical obstacles daily. Whether it’s the inability to get a good night’s rest or sudden seizure midday — people seek a helping hand in various forms. However, the most common type of assistance is in the form of a pill — a pharmaceutical pill.

The Best Charlotte’s Web Feminized Seeds in 2021:


Charlotte’s Web weed is notable for its semi-dense and medium-size flowers. The calyxes are pale green, and pistil clusters burst forth at every angle.

Some users claim that Charlotte’s Web produces a dry mouth and red eyes. However, these are common side-effects of consuming cannabis. Other adverse effects of Charlotte’s Web weed is weight loss; however, this may be a benefit for specific individuals.

In 2011, The Stanley brothers were in the process of breeding a new type of cannabis strain in Colorado, USA. Instead of seeking sky-high THC levels, the Stanley brothers sought to create a low-THC and high-CBD strain. The Stanley brothers accomplished this feat by crossing a low-THC cannabis strain to a high-CBD hemp cultivar.