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chiquita banana cannabis seeds for sale

Chiquita Banana feminized seeds will evolve into a great weed plant with a THC percentage of 29% and a CBD percentage of 0.5%. Chiquita Banana is a crossing of OG kush x Banana unknown. This plant leans mostly towards Sativa with a percentage of 60% and this weed strain will thrive very well in temparate, mediterranean and arid climates. Growing it SOG/SCROG may be applied to this marijuana plants.

The grow difficulty of the Chiquita Banana plant is: beginner, this marijuana specie has a high mold resistance and an average flowering time of 56 days to 70 days (8 weeks to 10 weeks). Growing this gorgeous strain indoors, it will reach a height of 90 cm to 120 cm and it will yield up to 400 gram per square meter. Growing it outdoors, the Chiquita Banana plant height lies between 130 cm to 160 cm and the cannabis plant will yield 800 gram/m2 to 900 gram/m2. The weed of the Chiquita Banana fat buds has the following taste which can be best described as fruity, spicy, sweet and pepper. The effects when consuming the Chiquita Banana are by many considered as following: creative, energetic, euphoric, giggly, happy, relaxed, social and uplifting.

The Chiquita Banana strain is a hybrid strain both sativa as indica with THC levels around 33.5%. This strain has CBD levels which are pretty low. Chiquita Banana has genetics related with OG Kush and the proportions are 50% indica and 50% sativa. Chiquita Banana will grow into a fine marijuana plant with a great yield. Growing Chiquita Banana seeds is fun and with the right info anyone can cultivate this cannabis plant, the Chiquita Banana has an average flowering time.

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The strongest cannabis I ever smoked! Investigated deep inner space starting about 10 minutes after 3 or 4 hits. Rendered incommunicado. The tongue was lost; the mind accelerating at warp speed. Glued to one spot listening to to some reggae band but my feet wouldn’t stop moving. We are talking FUN!!

A True Classic. Hybridization at its native roots. —AK 47…

With the genetics of Alien Dawg female with Lemon Kush,…

Chem Dog 32% THC. This puppy goes to show flowers can really reach unimaginable levels leaving people wondering how high can they actually go!? In 2016 High Times Cup event the Chem Dog was the new THC record holder. Veiled in mystery about the exact heritage the original source came from famous parents, Sour Diesel and OG Kush, so you get a traditionally diesel aroma that is recognisable from far, she is very potent and will give you a heavy body experience that will literally leave you speechless!

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Jack Flash Seeds are genetically modified in the labs of…

Pink Starburst 31.49% THC. A delicious sativa dominant strain the Pink Starburst will literally get your mouth watering with its candy fruit flavour, but don’t get carried away as you quickly will get a strong head rush leaving you buzzing and clear minded, as well as motivated and euphoric. She is a fruity mix of DJ Shorts Blueberry/Headband a Sour Diesel BX3 strain. Great for treating those needing relief from headaches, chronic stress as well as eye pressure and glaucoma.

Redeye OG 29.69% THC. A pure Indica the Redeye is good for night use as you will feel fully relaxed to the point that you are happy to just chill and enjoy the feeling of being strain and stress free, and will send you to sleep easily as she has highly sedative capabilities, leaving you with (obviously) redeye if overused, as well as cotton mouth. A good strain for muscle spasms, insomniacs as well as nausea. It’s a sweet piney taste and with a little fuel.

Strawberry Banana 31.62% THC. This fruity baby will wash you all over from brain to balls of feet with a sense of calmness both mentally and physically, the Strawberry Banana is a tasty mix of Banana Kush and a Bubble Gum so as you can guess its majorly sweet and mouth watering with a slightly herbal hint. Don’t be fooled into thinking she is all innocent candy, as she is potent and can end up leaving you with red eye and paranoid if you overuse. A great strain for concentrates as its absolutely covered in Trichomes and you can gain a lot of kief if you use a 3 chamber grinder.