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colored cannabis seeds

Some strains grow vibrantly and colorful as compared to the usual green and subtle red and yellow hues. Due to the promising and attractive appearance, these types of colorful weed are falsely characterized as more potent than others with less color.

All types of green plants are comprised of carotenoids, yet these are coated with chlorophyll; hence, they are not visible until the plant reaches the last stage of growth, and chlorophyll is lessened in production.

1. Calyxes

The variety of available weeds in the market mostly differ in taste, potency, quality, and effects. However, the appearance of weed will never fail to impress the connoisseurs.

This article will discuss the scientific reason why some weeds are colorful, and others are not. We will also identify a few colorful weeds and the proper ways to grow them according to their standards.

From the crossbreeding of Pakistani Kush and Green Poison, the Red Poison Auto is a beautiful plant with a mixture of red and purple hues both occur on leaves and flowers. This strain is straightforward to cultivate and could reach up to 120 centimeters when under climate.

Rainbow Kush can help you relax and possibly make you more social. Some recreational users have stated the strain to help make them more focused & creative. A small percentage of Sativa induces brain uplift, cerebral high, and joy. Overall, this marijuana strain is considered mood-calming high-quality marijuana. So, after consuming this strain, you can expect light-hearted sensations followed by deep relaxation. This strain is not available in all pharmacies in North America and demand for this variety has become constant in many Amsterdam cafés. The Indica effect should cause a slight melting of the body, accompanied by a positive outcome on the brain. You may enjoy Rainbow Kush in the morning or afternoon due to the relatively low levels of THC and the mild effects on the body.

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We’d be remiss if we forgot one of the most high-profile white weed strains out there, White Widow. This legendarily potent and high-yielding strain has been a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts since the 1990s. Her densely-packed buds are decorated with long white hairs, along with the myriads of milky trichomes that give White Widow her name. Between her impeccable appearance and long-lasting, anxiety-reducing effects, this is one classy lady!

There are some other flavonoids and carotenoids that likewise affect colors, influencing how much yellow, orange, and red occur in plants. Weed color can also depend on other variables such as temperature, the amount of nutrients in the soil, trichome production, and light quality.

The color of cannabis buds is, however, primarily influenced by genetics. Certain strains will grow orange-red pistils, others purple leaves, and still others can be covered in frosty-white trichomes. Let’s dive into some of the most colorful weed seeds out there!

White Widow (Dutch Passion)

Don’t let yourself be fooled by this strain’s name – Purple Punch Cookies may taste classically ‘purple’ with notes of berries and grapefruit, but her colors tell another story. This uniquely dark purple and red cannabis strain is accented by orange and white pistils that create a colorful contrast. Purple Punch Cookies will knock your socks off with her cerebral effects that fade into a pleasant couch-lock thanks to her genetic lineage comprised of Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, and GSC.

Not to be confused with Blackberry mentioned earlier in the list, Auto Blackberry Kush is one of Dutch Passion’s bestsellers, and we can see why! These purple weed seeds are a cross between Blueberry and a secret, dark hash Kush variety, resulting in not only a super strong Indica-dominant autoflowering strain but also a beauty to look at! Hues range from red, bright to dark purple, and shades of black. Dutch Passion specifically recommends dropping the temperature of indoor grows at night to help enhance the purple and black tones by imitating outdoor conditions.

Cannabis cultivators who want to influence the color of their buds will need to pay close attention to a variety of factors. During the growing phase, the color of your bud can be positively influenced by maintaining the appropriate pH and temperature, combined with the use of LED lights in certain spectrums.

This has to be one of the most uniquely colored strains on our list. Introducing Auto Banana Blaze, an Indica-dominant strain with a smell and taste that matches her name. In just twelve weeks from germination to harvest, this autoflowering lady grows quickly and beautifully. You’ll fall in love with her lovely autumn-themed color palette of rusty reds, earthy ochres, and maroon-purple hues.