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crop king 88 near me

Package Dimensions: 25 Kg Bag

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Crop King 88 Fertilizer is a great all round lawn fertilizer. Application will result in a returned green growth of your lawn. This premium organic lawn fertilizer will cover large areas and show dramatic results determining a great all round fertilizer.

Whether it’s a handful or a truck load,
Bedrock caters for all sizes

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One application isn’t how it works, regular use and a heap of certified organic soils raked in once a year. Lots of molasses and less fertiliser or none is better. blood and bone.

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However the humic and fulvic acids found in powerfeed will do a superb job of starting the process of breaking the clay structure up a little.

Just wanted to know what people think of Crop King 88.
I am wanting to fertilise my lawn. I was told by my neighbour to use phospherous for root growth but some people told me it will burn it. what is the best thing to use.
Is crop king 88 good. or should i try something else??

Oh the lawn i have is wintergreen couch out the front and sapphire buffalo out the back. about 400sqm of lawn all up

it is said that 10ltrs of powerfeed will do the same job as 1 tonne of gypsum.

In sandy soils those same acids work to bind the large particles together.

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