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crop king reviews

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that has been heavily involved in curating seeds for almost a decade.

I’m not going to solve this debate in this review, but thought it was important to show the full picture!

Crop King Seeds Cons

They are the best Canadian seed bank I have reviewed by far, with high-quality strains and improving customer service.

As I mentioned earlier, there are mixed reports about Crop King Seeds’ customer service.

In 2012 they began their first retail partnership but have since grown to over 100 locations now selling their seeds worldwide.

Crop King is known to offer discounts and offers from time to time. You can sign up and get their free newsletter in your email. By doing that, you can ensure that you don’t miss any of the promotions or deals. You can even follow them on their social networks. They regularly post about their offers there as well. Check out this page to keep an eye on their News.

Make sure you always buy authentic marijuana seeds from Crop King directly, so you can always be stress-free and grow those sweet marijuana strains without worry. Additionally, if you feel the need to ask them a question, check out their FAQ page first. Chances are, you will find your answer there.

Any seed bank requires a good customer service team to grow and thrive. Crop King Seeds has made its name by taking care of its customers in every way possible. Generally, you are less likely to have a problem with the customer service, but if you do, you can contact them, and they will take this very seriously and do everything to solve your problem at the earliest.

Is Ordering from Crop King Safe?

Everyone will find something for their taste on Crop King. They have carefully chosen these 40 strains to cater to every need for different types of requirements by customers. Their experts handpick every single seed that is sold on the Crop King website/store. All the seeds are individually tested for quality and inspected when sending out orders. What this all means is that you will always receive the highest quality cannabis seeds in your order. The quality they provide is nearly unparalleled in the marijuana business .

The company had started selling cannabis in the early 2000s, which shows how much experience they have in this line of work. Moreover, you will be satisfied with the overall customer service and the variety of products offered by the online store. If you look up on the internet, you would see that Crop King Seeds is always present at all the famous 420 events.

Furthermore, Crop King has been selling marijuana seeds in more than 100 physical stores in Canada. Their experts of Crop Kings choose each strain that is sold on the website. You can rest assured that all the seeds are tested separately for quality and inspected before shipping. This approach earned the online seed bank many praises. The stores are why people trust them, and you can go to their store and see the quality of the seeds yourself. These Canadian stores are also some of the most trusted physical stores for visiting and buying cannabis as well.

Foremost, as they are based in Canada and have stores in Canada, they will accept Canadian dollars as cash. They also accept Visa and Mastercard along with Bitcoin as well. If you want to pay with E-transfer, you can do so only if you live in Canada. You even have the option of money transfer and money orders as well. Overall, you can pay by debit/credit card, bitcoin, or money orders for the fastest processing. 5 Seeds Pack, 10 Seeds Pack, and 25 Seeds Pack are available to buy at a reasonable price.

The White Cookies strain provides happy, euphoric, satisfying, and body-heavy impacts to its users, much like its parents, White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. Therefore, this is a perfect smoke during the month-end panic at work. This strain’s yields are remarkable, ranging from 200g to 400g when grown indoors or out. A few puffs of this weed would be enough to give you the high that you want with its THC content estimated at 19.25%.

The Purple Kush is a well-known cannabis strain that is loved for its flavors and effects. It is perfect for calming insomnia, tension, and anxiety. It also helps alleviate different sorts of body pains. It gives you a warm rush that might be too much for the novices. Experienced users will undoubtedly love its clear and enduring impact.

You can instantly find the current status of their stocks when you take the time to search the Crop King Seeds strain range. The company develops every one of its strains. With precision and careful experimentation, this allows you to buy seeds that have been made. The company sells only its premium strains, which have the highest rate of germination. You can rest assured when taking your order, understanding that the seeds could develop and the cannabis will be excellent.

Customers Service

Dark Angel has both Sativa and Indica genetics. It is a fast flowering strain that is great for both skilled and novice growers. This strain is known for the remarkable relaxation and creativity it gives to its users, not to mention its pain-relieving properties. It often develops green leaves, generates flowers rich in trichomes, and reaches a THC content of 20%.

The firm’s website has one of the best features. Customers often get toll-free contact information, which would be the easiest way to connect. Also available even amongst the contacts is the seed bank’s address space.

New marijuana growers start their journey by finding the best quality seeds. Although some rely on other growers to supply their seeds, most growers look for seed banks online. While it is convenient to look for seeds online, it will be hard to ascertain the quality of the products. Crop King Seeds in Canada is one of the most successful and trusted seed banks around Canada and even in the USA. The seed bank marks out a range of breeders as being among the finest seed stockists. The company also has one of the best websites that are easy to navigate, making it even more popular.

Candy Cane is a marijuana strain that is classified as easy to grow. This strain boasts a short flowering period of merely 7 weeks. This strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors. This strain is 30% Sativa and 60% Indica, with 10% Ruderalis. This variant is indica-dominant. Nothing makes this more appealing than its potent and stimulating effects to its users. The THC content varies from 17-29%. It is the combination of White Widow, AK47, and Magno strains.