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crop king seeds vancouver bc canada

You can order cannabis seeds in Vancouver by going to one of our retail locations near you or you order from our online store. Crop King cannabis seeds are for sale at affordable prices in head shops, seedbanks, grow stores, grow shops and hydroponic stores in Vancouver and other locations in Canada. Some of these stores have a wide array of strains available in feminzed, autoflowering and regular varieties that come in packs of 10 or 5. For the medical marijuana patients or for those people who buy from a dispensary, our marijuana seeds can make you grow your own organic marijuana buds. You don’t need to buy from outside sources or people that you do not trust. You will have freedom and full control of your smoke.

Seeds are good for growing instead of growing from clones because the yields will be larger and the plant will be healthier. Some of the stores where our seeds are for sale have hydroponics, lights, soil, fertilizer and other growing equipments for sale in Vancouver. If you do not see Crop King Seeds which are for sale in your local pipe, seed bank, bong, or smoke shop, ask them to order them for you so that you will have an easier access to our seeds in your local store.

This seed bank ships its seeds in special packaging. This seals the seeds and keeps it fresh and ready to grow as soon as you open the pack. All orders are shipped discretely with no information or logos on the packaging to indicate that it contains cannabis seeds. Meanwhile, orders from outside Canada will be outside the original packaging. Seeds will be sent inside items unrelated to cannabis for stealth shipping.

Crop King Seeds is also a cannabis grower with more than 40 strains under its belt. You’ll find a wide variety of cannabis seeds at their official website including regular seeds, feminized seeds, fast version seeds, high CBD seeds, and autoflowering cannabis seeds. This is also your seed bank if you’re looking for new strains as it regularly features new marijuana strains.

Crop King Seeds accept US and CAD transactions. There are numerous payment options to choose from. You can pay using your Visa or MasterCard, Interac E-Transfers (for Canadian customers only), and Bitcoin.

Crop King Seeds offer special discounts and deals all year long. You’ll get free shipping for orders $200 and above upon checkout. You also qualify for their free 10 seeds promo when your order is $420 or above upon checkout.

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that has been in business since 2005. This company has come a long way from having only one employee working in one apartment to a full-scale business with more than 300 stores all over the country.

Crop King Seeds has one of the highest germination rates online. As long as you follow their strict germination guidelines, you can guarantee fast, easy and perfect germination.

Crop King Seeds is constantly developing cannabis strains for medical and recreational uses. It strives to get the best THC levels in strains and to achieve the highest yields.

Overall, the company’s strains are beyond impressive and definitely make up for the slightly limited supply!

Crop King Seeds 2021 Seed Selection

Customer Service – Crop King Review

Crop King Seeds, Available At more than 200 Stores all over Canada as of 2021.

As far as reputation goes, the company’s reputability is unparalleled. The reviews are majorly positive. The company has done an astounding job impressing their customers, which speaks for itself. This should give all, who decide to take the leap of faith, immense confidence in their decision.

A $10 shipping fee is charged on all orders that are shipped to countries outside of Canada, this is for the traditional shipping only and it may take up to 25 days to receive your order. For express shipping with tracking, a fee ranging from $30-$60 is charged, which depends on the country you reside in. You should receive your order between 5-7 business days and no signature is required for this time of shipping.