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“For the majority of our 37 years, we focused mainly on vegetable crops, specifically tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and then also leafy greens, lettuce and herbs. And then obviously with the changing legal landscape in cannabis, we have started to focus more of our energy and efforts into the cannabis market as well.”

CropKing is an official Autogrow Partner, and has been one of the pioneers utilizing automation in controlled environment greenhouses. The company has grown as their reputation for excellence spreads. Their core business is the manufacturing and distribution of commercial greenhouse structures, hydroponic growing equipment and supplies. But they do a lot more than that.

Growing is in their blood, as shown in this early photo of Paul with his sister Beth.

Through innovation, research, and real-world experience, CropKing provides solutions that enhance the production of crops while helping customers to find success through horticulture support. CropKing develops creative and affordable solutions for large and small scale commercial systems in both the produce and cannabis space and has helped

FOCUS: Hydroponic systems, greenhouse structures and controlled environment agriculture

“I am second generation. My mom and dad started the company. Currently it’s operated by myself, my mother and brother. We have customers in all 50 states and approximately 20 countries around the world,” says Paul Brentlinger, President of CropKing Inc.

hundreds of growers get started in the hydroponic industry.

Hydroponic production can be practiced on many scales. CropKing introductory systems such as the NFT 4-6 rely on many of the same growing techniques used in commercial hydroponic greenhouses, but on a smaller and more manageable scale, which makes them perfect for beginners in vegetable production. If you are curious about running a commercial NFT hydroponics business, starting with a small-scale system such as the CropKing NFT 4-6 is a great way to test a market’s viability and introduce prospective customers to high-quality hydroponically grown produce. A small footprint and ease of use, as well as compatibility with hydroponic and organic nutrients, also make the CropKing NFT 4-6 systems a great option for year-round home vegetable production.

Please Note: All CropKing systems are built to order. System build time may take 5-10 business days depending on seasonal demand.

CropKing NFT 4-6 Features

*Additional shipping costs will apply to orders shipping outside of the Continental US

CropKing’s automated, computerized and environmentally controlled greenhouse structures are designed to stand the test of time. The commercial greenhouse structure frames are made of the highest quality galvanized, structural steel and CropKing structures have the reputation of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Frames of Gatorshield® galvanized steel, hoop style with a Gothic shaped center peak in the center of commercial greenhouse structures for the higher strength snow load (15 lb snow load). It is rated for 80 mph wind load. This unit has arches on 4′ spacing with ground stakes, couplers, five purlins, wind braces, connectors, hardware and 2 x 4 end wall brackets for attaching the end wall studs. Black vapor barrier, embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing with blueprints included.


Frames of Gatorshield® galvanized steel, with a rust-proof extruded aluminum gutter, column posts on 8′ centers, bows on 4′ centers, three purlins, wind braces, connecting hardware. Extruded into the aluminum gutter is a QuickLock poly lock for attaching covers to gutters. Embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing included (one door for up to 4 bays). Black vapor barrier with blueprints included. Rated for a 20 lb snow load and 90 mph wind load.