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different types of cannabis seeds

Even though the name suggests that this herb would have a salty taste, it is actually really sweet and it has a fruity aroma. It is a cross between different strains and it is said that this is the most popular type for users all around the world.

It is three-quarters Indica and one-quarter Sativa and from one herb you will get as much as 600 grams of marijuana. It takes about three months for the plant to grow and there are two versions of this strain.

It is said that this strain has one of the most specific flavors and that it is something everyone should try at least once in their lives. It has a spicy taste with some smoky notes that make the whole experience even better.

3. Dark Angel

It takes about two and a half months for the plant to be ready for harvest and from one of it you can get between 300 and 500 grams of marijuana.

It is said that growing marijuana in your own home is one of the most relaxing things you can do. When you grow your own cannabis plant you will be able to enjoy the whole process of growing a plant and later on, enjoy the marijuana benefits. It is said that cannabis offers a lot of health benefits, so no matter if you are using it to cope with your medical condition, or if you are a recreational user, it is always good to know your seeds.

Other seeds you might be interested in trying include:

It is mostly used as medical marijuana because it has a lot of healing properties. Users say that you will feel the textbook health benefits and when you use it, you will feel relaxed, euphoric, and maybe a little bit sleepy.

This plant has a THC content of 15% and is 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa. This means that when you smoke it or take it, you’ll feel cheerful, relaxed, and comfortable. This strain may cause you to become distracted and forgetful, according to users. It is not recommended to concentrate on your work or if you want to feel energized.

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There are hundreds of different cannabis varieties on the market and you can buy them in bulk quantity, some of which are superior to others. We’ll go over the most popular varieties and their characteristics in this section.

Growing marijuana in your own home is regarded to be one of the most relaxing activities available. When you develop your cannabis plant, you can enjoy the entire process of cultivating a plant as well as the marijuana benefits later on. Cannabis is supposed to have numerous health benefits, so whether you’re using it to treat a medical problem or for recreational purposes, it’s always a good idea to know your seeds.

You might also want to try the following seeds:

We would like to explain the difference between the different type of cannabis seeds.

If you want to grow cannabis seeds it’s very important that you cultivate female plants. The male plant only produces pollen and when pollinizes other plants they produce ultimately seed, so these aren’t any good. A female plant produces the flower, your buds. So if you want to grow for personal use, you only need to grow female cannabis plants.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying cannabis seeds?

There are numerous cannabis seeds on the market. Briefly summarised you can divide these into three groups:

The plants from regular cannabis seeds can both be male and female. If you have ordered 10 regular cannabis seeds for instance, you can’t know if the plants will become male or female, most probably male/famale would be 5/5. When they are cultivated in good circumstances, you are more likely to grow female plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically altered so that they produce female plants in at least 97% of the cases. This forms a great advantage as only female cannabis plants produce flowers. The male cannabis plants don’t produce flowers, contain little THC and can even influence the production of THC of female plants. The female cannabis plant produces considerably more working substances such as THC, CBD, CBG and CBN than a male cannabis plant. Before bringing the seeds on the market, they are first thoroughly tested and further cultivated so that we are sure that our plants are genetically stable and consistent.