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Dutch Passion

“You don’t buy that many seeds a year; it’s one area of your life where compromise isn’t necessary, so choose a seed bank with a long tradition and proven record”Dutch Passion .

In the 1970s, Dutch Passion’s founder, Henk van Dalen, began collecting and breeding with cannabis seeds he found in the early Dutch cannabis imports arriving from all over the world. He understood that it was possible to grow your own cannabis, and often it was far superior to the often poor-quality, heavily seeded, imported product.

Some of his best varieties were selectively crossed and bred, and he soon realized that many people would prefer to grow their cannabis from seed rather than buy it on the streets.

In 1987, the Dutch Passion Seed Company was formally established. Ten years later, they became the first seed bank to learn how to make feminized seeds, something that many people said was impossible with cannabis. Since then, Dutch Passion has been busy creating the best cannabis seeds and keeping up with customer interest in other varieties of seeds such as autoflowering and CBD-rich.

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Dutch Passion grows from their own gene bank of original genetics collected decades ago. These days, many newer seed banks simply regurgitate existing varieties/genetics and put a new name on them. Dutch Passion is proud and fortunate to have its legendary varieties from the 1980s and plenty of old original seeds for future projects.

Crowned Best Seed bank at Spannabis 2014, Dutch Passion are well known for their sophistication and quality. The Dutch Passion breeders concern themselves with creating and preserving quality, and their varieties have won many prizes in cannabis cup competitions.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion has been developing, upgrading, producing and selling Cannabis Seeds since 1987, making them one of the first Dutch Seed Companies. Through the years they have gained a lot of experience in developing, producing, and marketing premium quality Cannabis Seeds.

In 1998 Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in Cannabis Seed Technology, through the development of “Feminized” Cannabis Seeds. Under the right growing conditions these “Feminized Seeds” give rise to only female plants. Also we are the only Cannabis Seed Company that gives THC and CBD percentages of most of their strains in their catalogue.

Dutch Passion

Dutch-Passion Cannabis Seed Bank has been developing, improving, producing and selling marijuana seeds since 1987 and is one of the main Dutch companies specializing in cannabis breeding. Over the years Dutch-Passion has gained a lot of experience in the development, production and marketing of top class marijuana seeds.

Dutch Passion – inventor of feminized cannabis seeds

In 1998, Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in marijuana seed technology by developing feminized cannabis seeds. Under the right growing conditions, these “Feminized Seeds” produce only female plants. The formula of their success is the genetic control they have over their strains and the constant flow of new genetics they receive worldwide.

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Their main concern is improving their seed stock. Besides the genetics of their cannabis seeds, they specifically select them for their maturity, size, and germination rate (95%). This breeder does their best to provide you with the optimal genetics now and in the future, whether regular or feminized.

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