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feminized hemp seed starts

Hemp cultivation is a considerable investment. In addition to the upfront costs like tools, supplies, and labor, farmers must also purchase the seeds to get started. It would be less profitable investment to toss half the crop or risk reduced product quality.

Every seed would have an equal opportunity to become either male or female. However, thanks to advances in cannabis seed production, breeders can now manipulate mature female plants into producing seeds without any males at all. The seeds produced through this process contain no male chromosomes and therefore produce no male plants.

OG x Purple Urkle x Hemp. Our Abacus 2.0™ is one of the most desirable smokable hemp cultivars on the market. After years of genotype selecting, Abacus 2.0™ feminized hemp seed is finally available.


Early Abacus is recommended for our large-scale agricultural hemp farmers. If you are looking for a fast-growing, large-flower-producing strain that can be harvested early, “Early Abacus” hemp seed is for you.

Thanks to advanced seed-breeding techniques, there is no need for growers to cultivate male plants only to toss them later. Instead, they can buy quality feminized hemp seeds from a reputable hemp seed distributor to save time and money and witness a significant return on their hemp seed investment.

Feminized hemp seeds refer to seeds that have been pollinated from female hemp plants that have been induced into producing pollen. Since the hemp plants chosen for creating the seeds are female, the pollen created on these plants will carry almost all X chromosomes and the seeds resulting from pollination will yield female plants at around at 99% rate. These feminized seeds will carry a double XX chromosome instead of the standard XY split that results from traditional pollination from a male plant.

Black Label CBG is approved in Alabama and South Carolina. It hails from a powerful lineage like the Frozen Whistler CBG Black Label CBG has an extremely high CBG content nearing almost 20% and only 0.18% THC.

Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company is totally committed to the hemp growing success of our hemp farmer’s crops. We make every effort and spare no expense to ensure that our hemp farmers are planting the purest Colorado hemp seed with the most consistent and stable phenotype replication. We only offer three feminized hemp strains because we grow them in three totally separate facilities across Colorado Springs, one hemp strain per building, that way we prevent cross-pollination of our feminized hemp seed crops within our company’s facilities.

Growing conditions listed above vary day-to-day and year-to-year. Historical test results, done at least weekly, over several hemp growing seasons at a particular location would begin to more accurately answer the question based on empirical data – but this industry is so new, data like that is very rare.

Our S1 Cherry Wine feminized hemp seed is produced from the F1 phenotype created by the breeder of Cherry Wine – “Bohdi”. We make seed from the original living plant. Many of the Cherry variety of hemp seeds for growing in the market are S2, S3, S4…. generations, not produced from the original F1, but from an S1 or other selfed generation of feminized hemp seed, not the original living F1 phenotype, which contributes to an unstable crop in the field.

Evaluating CBD Hemp Strains​ for Growing

Cross-pollination is the reason female hemp seed sold as 100% feminized will have true males in the seed mix. It’s scientifically impossible for feminized pollen and a female hemp plant to produce a male hemp seed. A true male hemp plant is different from a female hemp plant showing ‘hermaphroditic’ characteristics. Any female hemp plant grown from feminized hemp seed (or ‘regular’ hemp seed), can show male pollen sacs mixed among the female hemp flowers – if stressed enough during the growth cycle – but they are not true male hemp plants with ‘y’ chromosomes, if seeds are produced they will all be female hemp seed or what we call feminized hemp seed .

If someone looking to buy hemp seeds for growing asks, “What percentage of CBD will this hemp strain’s flower produce?”, they are asking the wrong question. This is a fact though: ​all hemp strains for growing CBD oil will test over the legal limit of 0.3% depending on growing conditions. Some of these growing conditions are:

S1 Feminized Hemp Seed for Growing

Feminized Hemp Seed Cross-Pollination

High Grade offers both seeds and starts for nearly all our hemp flower strains. Whether you choose seeds, starts, or a combination will depend on your preferences, your infrastructure, and your harvesting plan.

Once you have decided what hemp strain you want to plant, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality seeds that will give you the results you want. One of the most important factors in buying hemp seeds is making sure that the germination and feminization rates are optimal. Cannabinoids (CBD) are extracted from the flowers of female plants, so buying feminized seeds is crucial. Even a small percentage of male plants in a crop can drastically lower your cannabinoid harvest. We can’t overstate how important it is to buy hemp seeds from a reputable company. At High Grade Hemp Seed, our strains deliver germination rates of over 95% as well as feminization rates of over 99%.

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Our genetics are best-in-class so you can buy confidently, knowing these strains are stable and farm proven.

Another key decision is whether you want to grow for CBD or CBG. CBD (cannabidiol) continues to enjoy extreme popularity and growth as businesses and entrepreneurs add it to more wellness products. That being said, early studies of CBG (cannabigerol) are showing promising therapeutic results, leading some to believe that CBG may be the next super product to hit the market.

High Grade has both Matterhorn CBG and several standard-setting CBD strains, so no matter which cannabinoid you decide to focus on, there are excellent options available.