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“In summer, the heavy terp strains take center stage at the Freddy’s smokeouts,” said Washington’s Freddy’s Fuego.

Trendy hybrids will melt the ice at awkward reunions, delayed weddings, and birthday parties.

Terpinolene-rich girl: A Golden State Lava Flower. (Courtesy A Golden State)

Afternoon adventures

It’s the roaring 420s: There are more legal cannabis stores and delivery services in more towns than ever before. Sales of dried, cured flower comprise half of our essential, $13.7 billion legal US cannabis industry, according to the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report.

After a quick disco nap and snack, feast on flavors that’ll make afternoons a delight, flex on haters, and K-O insomnia.

“A summer strain is strong in flavor, and light, like a white wine with uplifting effects,” said the Washington growers at Freddy’s Fuego, who recommend their sativa Hell Cat.

Tend your garden while sampling fruity, light-tasting, energizing herb that amps up wildflower colors.

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