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free cannabis seeds no purchase

Spend £30 and receive one feminized Durban Poison cannabis seed

New Exclusive Promotional Offer!
Here at The Attitude we have a brand new exclusive promotional offer, you are able to have 5 G13 Labs Power Skunk cannabis seeds absolutley FREE with no purchase required, these are originally worth £19.99! One pack per customer, this offer ends Monday 20th October 9am GMT .

No Purchase required

Shipping and Delivery News!
To stay as the most efficient Cannabis Seeds bank in the World we have updated our shipping and delivery methods, more info can be found here.

New and Hot Stock!
At The Attitude we have lots of new arrivals of Cannabis Seeds and some seriously Hot Stock and is just flying out the door, click here to check out all the new marijuana seeds

Our New Promotional Offer!
We have come up with an exclusive and an amazing new promotional offer for free cannabis seeds, click here to read more.

Our free seed offer for when you spend a certain amount has also changed, you now get feminised marijuana seeds with your order when you spend £30 and more, please see below for details.

In fact, most months they give free seeds with most orders. (They have good medical marijuana strains so worth checking out if this is an interest.)

Click here to see what free marijuana seeds are available just now:

Paradise Seeds have occasional promotions of free marijuana seeds.

Where to get free cannabis seeds online

This offer applies to only a few strains at a time, and these change regularly. However, these ‘buy 10, get 10 free’ offers have included popular strains like White Widow and Super Silver Haze, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on these offers.

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I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) also often give away 10 free seeds when you buy 10 seeds.

How to get free cannabis seeds is actually quite easy. Several top Amsterdam seed banks give away free cannabis seeds with every order, or almost every order, when you order from them online.

Nirvana Seeds used to give ten free cannabis seeds with every order. But as of 2017, they no longer do this. However, if you buy Nirvana Seeds via Seedsman, you can get free seeds when you place an order worth at least €50 (about £45 or $60) and pay with Bitcoin.

Also, if you place an order for the cannabis seeds we sell, you will also receive an order of these free cannabis seeds. And, in addition to the free seed order, I will include some free seeds of strains we sell too.

Whether you call it weed, pot, marijuana, or the right name…cannabis…I need your help.

I want us all to over grow the world with cannabis! I will do my part by offering free cannabis seeds, just for visiting my site…

Get these free cannabis seeds with no purchase necessary. That is right, these free weed seeds are completely free, nada, no cost, absolutely no purchase necessary, you just pay shipping and handling.

First and foremost you can pick up an order of these free cannabis seeds without purchasing any of the cannabis seeds we sell. That’s right no purchase necessary.

The larger your order, the more free seeds you will receive. You will find I am much more generous than many of the seed banks out there.

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You will find I am very generous if you trust me with your cannabis seed order. I look forward to serving you, here at Just Cannabis Seed we are all about customer service! Let me prove that to YOU! Shop for cannabis seeds…