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gmo cannabis seeds

GMO Cookies, when grown indoors, does a spectacular job. This plant may be indica-dominant, although it grows more like a sativa, producing long stems and buds, alongside a large amount of resinous trichomes and a potent, characteristic aroma. This beautiful plant can grow between 0.7 and 1.4m. After around 10 weeks you should be able to harvest this amazing plant – in warm, stable environments it can produce between 400 and 550g/m2.

GMO Cookies 100% Feminized is a strain available in loose and bulk seeds – it produces an intense garlic, spicy flavor. You’ll be surprised by its amazing effect and aroma.

GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that comes from a combination of two particular strains such as Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut). This strain is known for its intense, strong aroma and incredibly relaxing effect; GMO Cookies is the favorite of many indica growers around the world.

GMO Cookies | How to Grow Outdoors

Outdoors this strain doesn’t really need much extra care to produce decent results, you just need to keep in mind that it’s quite bushy, so you shouldn’t grow it in areas where it tends to rain a lot. Other than that, this strain is ideal for both beginners and experts alike. Under the right conditions and when grown from the start of the season, this plant can grow quite wide, although it shouldn’t grow over 2m tall, which is discreet enough. In order to make sure the buds hold up, we recommend training the branches once it begins to flower; this strain also does quite well with pruning. When done right, you should be able to harvest over 500g from October onwards.

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This plant produces olive-green flowers that end up covered in large calyxes; dense and long – towards the end of the flowering period, its pistils go an intense orange color covered in a thick layer of trichomes that make it look almost silver. It has a delicious garlic flavor with hints of spice that’ll invade your tastebuds for a while. Its aroma is dense and potent, with hints of coffee to it. GMO Cookies’ effect is really unique, and can’t be compared with others – just a couple of drags will have you feeling super relaxed and calm, it will take over bith your body and mind. Its effects and high THC content (+25%) make this strain ideal for treating issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, swelling and stress.

Cannabis Seeds can be altered in many different ways. The role of genetics is gaining rapid momentum amongst the grower communities owing to the possibilities it offers. Although mice were the first ‘guinea-pigs’ in getting their genes tweaked since the 1990’s genetic modification of plants is a common occurrence. Food is altered to be pest-resistance, drought-resistant, and disease-resistant.

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Everybody knows Indica regular marijuana seeds are popular among the medical crowd. Indica strains tend to effect the body. Great for aiding sleep and reducing anxiety. Loaded with special terpenes. Contact for updated inventory. We can always find genetics if we don’t have it in stock.

Cannabis Seeds: Modifications with Genetics

Our business provides all natural, organic craft grown, non GMO, chemical free, regular marijuana seeds. We do this through selective hunting and breeding of well established strains. Since 2003 we have supplied over 50,000 seeds to private companies and growers. Today we grow, breed and test chemical profiles, passing on results before any purchase. Because of legalized recreational marijuana we can now get ready and supply the public.

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The key ingredient that differentiates a shitty bag of weed and a great one boils down to the genes of the plant. Genetic engineering works in manipulating cannabis seed DNA to create super seeds that are tailored to produce desired traits in the plant. In the cannabis communities gene-tweaking is gaining popularity as it results in far greater control over the crop, i.e. specific flavours can be induced, the potency is pre-determined, feminization, removal of THC in medical marijuana strains etc.

Sativa regular marijuana seeds are a popular item we have for sale. Goes right cerebral in effect. Very uplifting and energetic. Sativa’s possess high THC and CBD values so site visitors have to have it. Contact to check out our inventory levels. Let us know what you seek to grow, we love to help get the best strains.

Oh my god ! Most of you on here are under educated. You all rant and rave it's bad this, bad that. Get a grip for the sake of your own sanity, and mine for having to explain this over and over. Genetically modified anything is not bad within set safety perameters. Firstly, nothing is added or taken away per-say from g.m. plants. The genes which are already present within the plant, or from another plant are taken and realighned if you like to accentuate or eradicate specific criteria. This is EXACTLY the same as the following example. You have to shop for food every week. So imagine every week you shop for your neighbour and they shop for you. Every week you get shopping, some times you get something you really like, most of it is o.k. and some is not needed or disliked or even unsafe if you have an allergy to say nuts or something, or maybe you have a special dietary requirement like low sodium. Imagine this method of food shopping as the cannabis plant. Now say you could write a list of specified foods, you end up totally satisfied with your shopping that week. No nut traces in your gluten free bread so to speak. That's your g.m. crop right there. You could Taylor any detail of the plants genetics to suit your needs. Higher thc or faster flower time, bigger buds whatever you like. Lets look at selective breeding. You are slowly generation by generation genetically modifying cannabis. You cross a sativa with an indica, well done you just modified the genetics of a plant. You could have taken another indica to breed with your indica and the same for the sativa. But we all know that hybrids are the way forward, because they are a tailored version of what we want. Otherwise why would you cross that short fat indica with a dank smell n fat buds, with that tall fast growing sativa that takes forever to flower, has small buds and smells vaguely of ass. Because you are hoping you can get a tall plant, with fat buds that smell dank, with a nice short flower period. G.m. is a way of eleviating the guess work. Imagine if you could change that short gene for a tall one, or the gene that makes your lovely plant have low potencey and switch it out with a high potencey one. We aren't talking food crops, even though it's the same. We are talking about weed. You all rant it's super safe doin weed, so why the panic. Don't be a sheep and follow the rest of the crowd with the hype. Rest assured my friends G.M. IS the way forward in future. Your kids will be eating it if you don't, and it's idiots like you that stop the progression of future advancements in medicine. That stupid, pig headed blindness never serves anyone well. I can't wait to see, smoke and get high on a plant that only produces thc. The high is pure, the potencey is guaranteed no matter what some jumped up punk bitchis trying to sell me on the street corner, and we've all been there with bullshit ditch weed. I agree to the fullest that it should be a seperate avenue completely from the mainstream bud to eleviate problems with purity of genetics aswell as the nostalgia of it. Like organic food now. 30 years ago, nearly every thing you ate was organic. I'm English so nearly everything my family ate would have been sourced from local farms and company's as the transport of goods wasn't what itis now back then. Now people will pay tthrough the nose for it haha. Humanity is by far the stupidest thing I have ever encountered. Have you all forgotten we are the product of each other's natural selection. You are all apes. Not some Devine race. You have the same inate fears and instincts as any other animal. Loud noises, predators and most imortantly fear of the unknown. Do us all a favour and educate yourselves to save people like me half an hour of my life typing this just to help people I will never meet. I will never even see a reply to thus post as when I hit enter and leave this page I won't be back. To all those who know what I'm on about you are gifted, please continue educating yourselves for personal gain. To all the rest , Laters ya god worshipping, dream analysers !

genetically enhance marijuana to have a perrenial trait, and the ability to grow fruit that's rich in cannibanoids. That's the map leading to the tree of life.

hahaha you made me laugh hahaha


claims of boosted yields are complete fallacies you must be selling pesticide traditionally grown foods can feed the world better than GMOs

I am a fan of Dutch Passion. I strongly urge you to quit creating Genetically Modified Cannabis. It is not a natural way of breeding. Genetically Modified Corn And Soybean Are Terrible for Humans and the environment! Please do not cross the GM line!!

The problem with genetically altering anything is you will not only alter what you want you will make additional uncontrollable changes which are most of the time not favorable, such could be the creation of toxins not known to the body which could be dangerous and even deadly. This is what we have with our food right now, GM corn produces more natural toxins so it kills of insects by its own but its causing massive damage to the humans that eat it cause its not natural to take the toxin at such quantaties at a time, or worse: its not even a natural toxin at all! Cannabis also has toxins which kill insects and fight off molds, if the toxins where to be modified in the process of creating fatter buds (which wouldnt be a surprise at all) could end up rather dangerous if people are going to eat it or if it gets modified so badly it doesnt all burn in a joint, it might even turn deadly So for the love of jah think twice and please leave the herb alone, leave everything alone! YOU didnt create it so YOU are not in charge!!

GMO? What exactly is GMO? Well that depends on what exactly you mean by the term Genetically modified organism. the kind of thing Monsanto was trying to do with its genetically modified food crops i.e. modify them in such a way that they were incapable of producing viable seed making the company the only source is both morally wrong and dangerous. But and here's the thing, all the various strains of cannabis we are currently cultivating are genetically modified, that is what plant breeding is. When you take the pollen from one strain and pollinate another strain or cultivar with it to produce a different plant with modified characteristics you have a genetically modified plant. This is not a bad thing IF you get a better plant. If the plant you wind up with is not as good as either of the parents it is crap. Most of the 'GM' cannabis will be from the likes of Monsanto, developed either to improve the medicinal value of the plant or to make it impossible for it to be grown by anyone other than the big pharma growers or both. Also consider this, Industrial Hemp is cannabis. It has relatively insignificant THC levels. Imagine the impact of several hundred thousands of acres of industrial weed reaching maturity and scattering its pollen to the winds . and consider the effect that pollen will have on YOUR plants and nearby medicinal growers. I may be a little cynical but I cannot think of a more effective way of destroying the recreational and medical cannabis market and it has cost benefits for someone from the fibre, oil etc.etc.