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Most seed shops provide a random selection of whatever they’ve got on hand for free seeds and just increase the quantity as the order total goes up. This method of choosing from different strains at different tiers is very unique, though there is no mention of what quantity of free seeds will be included at any tier, only that the number increases at each level.

A paid membership club at a seed bank is something that’s rarely seen and doesn’t seem to be very beneficial to the customer in this case. It costs a lot for what’s being offered.

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Free Seeds

GYO Seedbank is quite a new seed bank and doesn’t have much history to speak of. The history that they do have is a bit unusual. Read all about that in the next section.

Seed Selection at GYO Seedbank seems to be quite vast, though it would be pretty easy to list a ton of different strains and only deliver a few, if the reviews about seed swapping are correct.

First, customer support messages would come from all three seed banks that were similar if not identical, and all of the messages were signed by the same person.

The paid membership they offer also seems a bit fishy. Paying for discounts seems a bit counterintuitive, and it’s doubtful that the average customer would be able to make the membership worth their while.

In addition to its loyalty points program, GYO Seedbank offers a membership club option for repeat customers. The perks of joining GYO Club include free tracked shipping on every order, a replacement guarantee, first access to new products, a 10% discount on all purchases, a 50% higher Eucalyptus Points payout awarded for each purchase, and a free GYO t-shirt. You’ll also be gifted up to 40,000 Eucalyptus Points when you join.

Just a sample of what some customers think about GYO

Despite the fact that Eucalyptus Points are heavily advertised on GYO’s website, the program is not necessarily dependable. Some of GYO Seedbank’s repeat customers have seen their large quantities of previously accumulated points suddenly disappear. GYO’s explanation for the disappearing points was that the Eucalyptus Points program was “temporarily” shut down, with plans to bring it back in the future. No mention has been made plans to restore these lost points, however. Despite this status, both GYO’s and Homegrown’s websites are full of advertising for the Eucalyptus Points program with no mention of this hiatus.

GYO Club

GYO Seedbank gives a lot of attention to advertising its loyalty program, Eucalyptus Points, which includes many ways to rack up points to cash in for discounts on future orders. Some of the ways to get extra points include writing a review of your purchase on, reviewing the company in a public cannabis forum, signing up for the newsletter, sharing on social media, or inviting a friend to join the program. You also get points on your birthday, with every fifth purchase, and when you first create your Eucalyptus Points account.

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Is GYO Seedbank ultimately a trustworthy place to buy cannabis seeds? The answer may appear to depend on who you ask. While GYO’s own website is full of 5-star ratings, the sheer number of negative reviews out there are enough to make any potential buyer reconsider. Here’s a look at where that discrepancy came from, and what that means for potential buyers.

Reviews describing the following types of situations and interactions with GYO are unfortunately rather common in public cannabis forums:

Our Support Team is managed by Dasha. She is patient, understanding, and, as long as Bernie keeps her in coffee, she is always ready to listen. She has her staff fully trained and well-informed and she always has your best interests at heart. After all, if you’re happy, she’s happy and that’s all we can really ask for.

Let me introduce you to the GYO Seedbank team.

Our fulfilment team is headed up by warehouse manager, Lee, the man responsible for the stocking, storage and super-fast despatch of all our beautiful beans. He runs a very tight ship and works round the clock to make sure orders are processed as fast and efficiently as possible. His work is invaluable and we know that you, our customers, appreciate him just as much as we do.

Our marketing director, Tony, completes the holy trinity. He brings all of the charm, happiness, wit and creativity to the team, and he also writes and edits articles like this one! He is devoted to keeping the site as interesting and enjoyable as it is convenient and cutting-edge, and his work has set us apart from other seedbanks in a truly positive way.

Taking it from the top we have the big bear, Dickie, managing director, visionary leader and the man responsible for everything that is good about GYO Seedbank, at least, that’s what he told me to write! He is one of the most passionate and driven business leaders around and his goal is to push the industry towards the mainstream, to remove any lingering stigma and to normalise the way people buy marijuana seeds.

We are an established online retailer of cannabis seeds, committed to providing high quality, competitively priced products and delivering these products worldwide to your door swiftly and discreetly. If you want to buy marijuana seeds online – you have come to the right place.

Next up, we have commercial director, Bernie, the man in charge of business development, accounting and the purchasing of office coffee – his work is absolutely essential to the smooth running of the business, especially when it comes to keeping us in Cappuccino! Bernie has fully embraced the vision of GYO Seedbank and is a big advocate of our personalised, modern approach to selling cannabis seeds – you will not meet a more passionate and dedicated individual in the entire sector.