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While these rules apply to recreational users, what about medical ones?
Michigan law states that medical marijuana caregivers can register up to five patients under their care. Each patient can have 12 dedicated plants for his or her care.
That’s a total of 60 plants! If the caregiver is also a patient, that number jumps to 72.

Why does this matter?

The marijuana plant is naturally dioecious, meaning that it contains both male and female seeds. These are known as regular seeds, producing both male and female plants.
Traditional growers who want to respect the integrity of the plant often prefer this seed type over the rest. However, keep in mind that as a grower, you won’t have control over the sex of the plant and could wind up discarding half of your crop during the early flowering stage.
Wait too long to perform this step, and your male plants will start producing pollen, leading to a seedy crop.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Michigan: Your Guide to Buying Seeds Online
On December 6, 2018, Michigan’s recreational marijuana law went into effect.
Officially titled the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, this law allows state residents to consume, but not purchase, recreational marijuana.
While Michiganders anxiously await the day that they can buy pot legally, state officials are inching toward making it a reality.
In fact, on November 1, 2019, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency will begin accepting business licenses from retailers hoping to sell recreational marijuana in their stores. Approvals will begin around December 6, 2019.
Looking to get high in the meantime? We’ve got plenty of cannabis seeds Michigan residents can purchase, plant and enjoy.
Today, we’re discussing more state-specific regulations to know. We’ll also share an insider look at our seed inventory so you can choose the best ones for you!
Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Once you’ve decided to grow your own marijuana plants, it’s important to understand the intricacies of Michigan weather.
You can’t simply plant the seeds, cross your fingers, and hope that a plant inches its way out of the ground. These seeds are an important investment and it’s wise to treat them as such.
First, consider the typical weather patterns that define Michigan weather. Compared to other parts of the United States, you’ll find a shorter growing season in the Northern Midwest. These seasons tend to stretch a little longer near the Great Lakes region, as the lakes help to delay the onset of the first frost.
Even in the middle of the prime growing season, it’s not uncommon for Michigan to see periods of frosty, cold, damp weather. As such, your best bet will be to stick with a hearty cannabis strain, such as Indica. Most Indica-dominant plants will continue to thrive, even amid the harshest climates and conditions.

Landrace strains are cannabis plants indigenous to a specific geographical location. Over time, these plants have adapted to local conditions like soil, climate and the presence of other flora and fauna. Environmental changes cause the plants to evolve, resulting in variations in physical characteristics and genetic make-up: the phenotype and genotype. Every original landrace strain carries its history and geographical roots in its genome.

Unlike modern hybrids, pure landrace strains do not generally appeal to the growing public. They are, however, very important to breeders and seed banks, many of whom possess admirable collections of landrace strains and continue to preserve them in their vaults as seeds.

What Are Landrace Marijuana Strains?

Once removed from its original habitat, a landrace strain loses authenticity as it’s virtually impossible to replicate the exact conditions in which it grew and thrived for thousands of years.

Homegrown Cannabis Co., has an illustrious family of over 400 hybrids, each one traceable to a pure landrace strain. Without the landrace, there would be no elite lineages – OG, Diesel, Cheese, Skunk, Blueberry, Purple and more.

Another possible reason for this rarity is that breeders and seed banks treat their collection of heirloom strains as trade secrets. They would rather use them to create hybrids rather than make them available to the public. Whether or not this is a bad thing is a conversation for another day.

Kwik Seeds specializes in Cannabis heirlooms, exotic hybrids, and traditional strains (“landraces”).
We offer worldwide shipping for the full catalogue of The Real Seed Company.
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Kwik Seeds also refuses to sell Cannabis seeds to anybody who it believes may intend to use them illegally for the purposes of germination or cultivation.

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